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Monday, October 25, 2010

JJ Is Developing Into A Frankenstein Monster…He’s Trying To Play God

Egbert Faibille
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An Accra-based legal practitioner and a Senior Journalist, Egbert Faibille, says ex-president Rawlings is under a creepy and insidious feeling that the party he founded is being yanked from under his feet.

In a late evening statement on Wednesday October 20, former president Rawlings virtually declared war on President Mills, saying that he (Rawlings) had an axe to grind with the President for institutionalizing corruption.

“Do I have a problem with President Mills? Yes, I do. His refusal to pursue the moral mandate of the people to reinstate truth, transparency and most of all justice into the fabric and psyche of the nation. This is leading to the institutionalisation of crime and corruption. Justice will be deformed,” he charged.

In the statement he personally signed, Mr. Rawlings also lambasted the administration of ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, and what he described as the reluctance of President Mills to institute “credible and transparent investigations into the fraud and political killings, which were the benchmark of the Kufuor regime”, which he said “is leading to a sense of hopelessness, indifference and indiscipline.

But Mr. Faibille reminded the former president that people suspected of having committed a crime, are tried in court on legal grounds and not on morals.

“Mr. Rawlings is talking about how people should be tried…, tried on what? Moral grounds? No! People are tried according to law…Mr. Rawlings should know that the administration of president Mills is not a coup administration, this is a government that was elected…Let someone develop a time piece and put it on Mr. Rawlings’ hands or wrist,” Mr. Faibille stated.

Contributing to Newsfile on JoyFM as a panelist, the Managing Editor of the Ghanaian Observer (GO) was emphatic that the former president was being a distraction to President Mills governance, and needs to be reminded that President Mills is currently the man at the helm of affairs in the country.

“I think that it’s about time people in NDC let Mr. Rawlings understand one thing; which is that, whether he likes it or not, as the Bible says in Ecclesiastes, ‘there is time for everything’. And the time now is that Prez Mills is the President of the Republic of Ghana. Mr. Rawlings can never be president of Ghana again…,”

According to Mr. Faibille, knowing the stature of Mr. Rawlings in the NDC, he doubts if anyone can refuse him audience should he call for a discussion. He however, stressed that the inability or unwillingness on the part of those who matter in the NDC to call Mr. Rawlings to order is gradually turning him into a ‘Frankenstein Monster’.

“When you belong to a family and there’re issues in the family, what you do is that you do it internally…Mr. Rawlings wants to call the shots all the time. And this fixation with being grandeur kind of approach is what people have over the years failed to tell Mr. Rawlings to the face. And it’s developing into what I’ll now want to refer to as Frankenstein Monster. Frankenstein Monster; he’ll destroy his own party. Who said that Mr. Rawlings has had the door shut in his face by Prez Mills or by officers appointed by Prez Mills?

Frankenstein's monster is a fictional character that first appeared in the novel, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelley. In the novel, the creature has no name, a symbol of his parentlessness and lack of human sense of self and identity.

The GO newspaper Editor accused Mr. Rawlings of needlessly acting on reports sent to by NDC footsoldiers, some of which are not even verifiable. “What does Mr. Rawlings want from President Mills? What should president Mills do for him?” Mr. Faibille rhetorically asked and wondered if “every morning, President Mills should pass by Rawlings’ house and take instructions from him before going to the Castle.”

He cautioned the former president against trying “to play God” and always remember that he is a mere mortal. “Let’s face it. We’ve had strong leaders all over. Where is Fidel Castro? Where is Kwame Nkrumah? Where is Eyadema? Where is…Mobutu Sese Seiko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga?...Where are they? People should know that we’re all mortals. Nobody should try to play God. Mr. Rawlings is trying to play God,” Egbert asserted.
Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe - GIJ/Peacefmonline.com

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