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Saturday, February 5, 2011

President Mills and the culture of Corruption in Ghana

I am shocked and dismayed by the response of President Mills to the recently released Anas video in which officials at the Tema harbour were caught taking bribes and sabotaging the state in its effort to mobilise funds for the nation's development. The President's response has been (as at it has always been) to give a long lecture about how officials should behave without taking concrete action. 

In a normal situation the first thing the President should have done was to call for the interdiction of those officials and allow the Attorney General's department to begin prosecuting those nation wreckers, instead I heard the president saying that if those taking bribe and milking the nation did not change then they would be transferred. Yes they would be transferred to other places so could practice their corruption.

I do not know why President Mills has got so much poor decision making skills. Is the president aware of the anger of the people who have read and watched Anas report? Why do the people who are stealing from the state have to be transferred to other ministries and department elsewhere to continue their atrocious behaviours? Do the President and his ministers understand the responsibilities the people of Ghana have placed on them? Do they understand the oath they have taken to protect and defend the motherland from the nation wreckers such as those CEPS and GHPA officials?

Is President Mills showing concern just enough to root out corruption in Ghana? What is preventing the President from taking swift action to remove all those officials from the port? Is the president and his ministers saying they do not know the rot at Tema and Takoradi harbours? Go to the ministries, the lands commission, and see how officials have turned their offices into money making ventures. What kind of a nation is Mills heading, what kind of a country is Mills building? How long will President Mills continue to dither and fail to take action to stop the rot? The entire nation is waiting for him to act. He is the only leader we know now and we want him to lead, to provide leadership and direction for the country. 

Lord. A. Adusei

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