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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Africa: A climate war has been forced on us

A climate war has been forced on Africa by the polluters in the world.  Africa did not contribute to the destruction of the environment yet as the story in East Africa shows it is the one being hit the hardest. East Africa has seen one of the worst droughts in human history, a consequence of the climate war that has been forced on Africa. But since there is no justice in this world, Africa cannot but rise up and deal with the challenges herself. This entails confronting both the causes and the symptoms of climate change. In this case developing and implementing policies that will address the impact of the change in climate; moving towards renewable energy, prioritizing sustainable development and building the capacities of the people to adapt to climate change may help. 
As noted by International Institute for Sustainable Development  "The scientific understanding of climate change has confirmed that current and future changes in the atmosphere not only form the greatest economic, social and environmental challenge humanity has ever faced, but, more importantly, has crystallized the fact that the drivers of climate change must be dealt with urgently and effectively." Indeed we need to tackle the drivers of the cliamte change before it completely overwhelm us.

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