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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ghana at 55, Payments to Woyome and Construction Pioneers,

It is on record that the government of Ghana paid 51.2 million cedis to Mr. Woyome and another 94 million cedis to Construction Pioneers. I do not fault Woyome and CP for going to court to claim what they thought were rightfully theirs. I am glad that the state has gone to court to reclaim the money from Woyome however, following the story and papers that are in the public it seems to me that ministers and directors representing the people of Ghana failed to protect the interest of the state by strongly defending her. Mr. Martin Amidu has strongly suggested Ghana could have defended the payments made to Woyome but legal director refused to do so seeking his own interest rather than the collective interest of the people of Ghana. With regards to Construction Pionneer it also appears that directors and public officials at the various ministries once again failed to protect the interest of the state. It is on record that as at the time when Construction Pioneer was being paid the 94 million cedis it was owing Ghana several million cedis in taxes which could have been deducted yet the finance ministry did not do their work and allowed the money to be paid in full.

These payments to Woyome and CP give me the reason why at 55 years Ghana cannot produce goods of durable quality and higher value except the usual raw materials we export. We want to call on President Mills to put some seriousness to the work he is doing and look for the interest of Ghana and Ghanaians. If he cannot represent the interest of the people of Ghana then he should humbly step down for his Vice to continue till the next elections are help in December 2012. At this point of hour history Ghana needs people who love her and will do everything to protect its interest not the money grabbing ministers and directors who have made Europe and America their first home and Ghana their second home. President Mills should do all that he can to save Ghana the agony of having to lose so much money when we are always virtually begging IMF, World Bank and China to give us loans. We must protect the little we have and not just waste it on judgement debts.

I think there is too much rot in the Ministries of Finance and Justice involving the civil servants and public officials working there and the rot must be soughted out at all cost. The only person who can sought that rot out is the President.

God Bless Ghana.


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