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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NDC WILL LOSE 2016 …Jerry Rawlings Booms On June 4

JJ RawlingsWhile the National Democratic Congress (NDC) fights for survival at the Supreme Court in the ongoing election petition, its founder, former President Jerry John Rawlings, is skeptic about the party retaining power in the 2016 general elections.
Mr. Rawlings, who addressed cadres on the eve of the 34th celebration of the June 4th Revolution in 1979 at his Ridge residence in Accra, said the country appeared to be moving towards an irreversible situation down a tunnel, and would need the ingenuity of President John Mahama to reverse the trend.
He said until this was done, the NDC would find it difficult to retain power in the next general elections.
According to Mr. Rawlings, much of the gains made through the era of the revolution, and the principles that gave birth to it, seem to be fast eroding, and now the country is afoot a reversal trend.
Mr. Rawlings attributed much of the setback the country has suffered to the actions and inactions of former President Kufuor and the late President John Evans Atta Mills.
“In spite of the many achievements, many setbacks and reversals have also taken place. But, for more than a decade now, Ghana appears to have been moving towards an irreversible situation down a tunnel, thanks to Presidents Mills and Kufuor/John II and John III.
“President Mahama has the responsibility to pull this country out of that tunnel. How well, how far and how soon John IV can achieve that, is hard to say.”
Speaking of the paradox of the Africa’s poverty in the mix of plenty, Mr. Rawlings emphasised that contrary to assertions that Africa was enjoying an economic upsurge, the reality remained that this was only true for the tiny minority. “The reality for the vast majority is pain and suffering,” he stated.
An observation, which, he said, remained true about many African states, is the fact that “too much power and too much money is being held up in the hands of a few too many wrong people.”
He observed, with some reservation, the foreign dominance and impunity with which some foreign entities operate in the country.
“…Here in Ghana, we see that Accra, the capital, is also almost on the verge of losing out to the impunity of foreign domination. While Ghana cannot close its doors to the rest of the world, it is important that the relevant institutions and citizens remain vigilant, and ensure that every visitor to our country adheres strictly to the laws of our land.
“If we fail to do so, then, in the not too distant future, I truly wonder if the heartbeat of this country will be that of Ghanaians.”
He also used the opportunity to debunk a publication which placed him in the ‘Millionaires list’ in Africa, worth $50 million.
According to him, unlike others who sold their conscience and country for wealth, his values of integrity have been his watch word.
“My fellow countrymen, my value as a man of principle and integrity is incalculable. The difference is that in my situation, I have never exchanged or sold my conscience, or sold my country, my principles or my integrity for money, or destroyed honourable people for money.”
He said the only reason why anyone would make such false claims about him was to sanitise the concept of being a multi-millionaire acceptable to people, and make it look criminal, even if ill-gotten.
“Why then, will such a false statement about me being a multi-millionaire be made? While the statement may be true for most of the others, why add a false statement about Rawlings to that list?
“In order to sanitise the concept of being [a] multi-millionaire, distinguished persons whose values are unrelated to money must be made to also look like multi-millionaires, in order to make the concept acceptable to people in general.
“Being a millionaire, even if ill-acquired, must not be made to look criminal, so that such people can enjoy their loot in safety. Therefore, if Rawlings is made to appear like a multi-millionaire, then there is nothing wrong with others also being multi-millionaires,” he said.
He charged all to help restore the values of the June 4 Revolution, and hold leaders accountable for their stewardship.
“Let us demand more from our leaders, including myself, in terms of probity and accountability. Let us protect those values every day in our schools and workplaces by refusing to go along with lying, cheating, thievery and injustice, but instead, stand up for truth, justice, fairness, respect for each other, and love for our beautiful country.”

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