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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ghanaians shouldn't panic about the two Yemenis from Guantanamo Bay

While terrorism is real and Ghanaians are rightly justified to be concerned about any terrorist in their country, I strongly believe Ghanaians shouldn't panic about the two Yemenis from Guantanamo Bay. First Ghana's acceptance of the two Yemenis is what allies and partners do. Second, if Ghana's security services do their work well, whatever threat the two Yemenis pose can be contained. Third, any discussion about the pros and cons of Ghana’s acceptance should be based on facts.

There were roughly 780 detainees in Guantanamo of which 678 had so far been transferred to about 56 countries worldwide. Of the 678 transferred, Ghana has accepted just 2 detainees. Other African countries that have accepted some of the detainees include Algeria 17; Morocco 13; Sudan 12; Somalia, 3. Libya, Tunisia, and Mauritania have also accepted 2 detainees each. Egypt, Uganda, and Cape Verde have also accepted 1 each.

Outside Africa, Afghanistan has accepted 203; Saudi Arabia 125; Pakistan 63; Yemen 22; Oman 20; Britain 15; Kuwait 12; Tajikistan 11; Albania 11; Kazakhstan 9; France 9; Slovakia 8; Russia 7; Iraq 7; Georgia 6; Uruguay 6; UAE 6; Qatar 6; and Palau 6. Bahrain, Spain and Jordan have accepted 5 detainees each. Bermuda, Bosnia and Turkey have also accepted 4 detainees each. Germany, Somalia, Belgium, and Switzerland 3 each. Eleven countries including the United States, Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania and Ghana have accepted 2 detainees each. Thirteen countries including Egypt, Uganda, and Cape Verde have also accepted 1 each. 

At least 10 detainees have been transferred to countries that can't be determined. 93 detainees so far remain in the Guantanamo facility while 9 died whilst still in the Guantanamo facility.

Credit: Lord Adusei

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