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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nkrumah did not loot lands - Asuma Banda

Alhaji Asuma Banda, Council of State Member and business mogul
Alhaji Asuma Banda, Council of State Member and business mogul
Council of State Member and business mogul, Alhaji Asuma Banda, has called on political leaders to emulate the honest lifestyle of the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, adding that the reason why he is respected is because he had integrity.

"Nkrumah was so selfless and honest that he had no bank account and the things that current political leaders are craving for today. He was fighting for the ordinary man.

When he acquired lands from chiefs, under executive instruments, it was for the construction of houses for the people," he said.

Mr. Banda added that "Our leaders should learn from him and change their extravagant styles of ruling and think of their people."

Alhaji Banda was speaking in an interview with the Enquirer Tuesday on observance of the Founders Day, a day set aside to celebrate the founding father of our country.

According to him, Dr. Nkrumah had a purpose for the people of Ghana and Africa as a whole and that is why the whole continent is celebrating him today.

Alhaji Banda told The Enquirer that the practice by Dr. Nkrumah where the plight of the ordinary people was his cardinal policy should guide our current leaders.

"That kind of leadership style has vanished from Africa and that is why the continent is not moving forward," he added.

He said that Nkrumah never owned a house, fleet of cars and had no bank accounts, adding "but what we see of politicians today is directly opposite."

Alhaji Banda said that the only account Dr. Nkrumah had was the one he opened in the United Kingdom, after his unfortunate overthrow, to keep the proceeds from the sale of the numerous books he wrote "and even with that it was under the direct care of his publisher."

"I know within me that Osagyefo is talking to leaders of Africa but they have decided not to listen to him and that is causing many problems on the continent," he said.

The Council of State member said that in Ghana what has compounded the problems is the kind of system that is being practised.

"Our presidential system is too dangerous because it has placed so much power into the hands of the president," he said.

He observed that African leaders are dictators and with too much power in their hands they could easily do the unthinkable.

"Honestly speaking, our leaders like to be worshipped as heroes when in actual sense they are not helping the people in anyway," he added.

Alhaji Banda said that it would be better for Ghana to go back to the system of having .a prime minister because that system does not give too much power to one person.

"In Ghana, government is the only employer and if you are a businessman and you are not in the good books of the government you are dead," he said.

He said that Dr. Nkrumah could not be replaced in any way, but political leaders could change their attitude for the betterment of their countries and the African continent.

Source: The Enquirer

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