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Thursday, February 11, 2010

NDC and NPP:They know the road to power but they do not know how to solve Ghana's worsening poverty situation

That Ghana has huge natural resources that with the right political leadership could be utilised to benefit majority of the people who are living on $2 a day is a fact. That Ghana is deeply poor is a fact. That Ghana is governed by corrupt visionless people masquerading political leaders is also a fact. There is no argument that the poverty situation in Ghana keeps worsening everyday despite the fact we have people calling themselves ministers, MPs, presidents and vice president who are drawing huge pay cheques, bonuses at the expense of the people yet do not know how to lead the people out of poverty.

Why was Nkrumah able to build the whole Tema city with roads, industries in nine years? Why was he able to build Akosombo Dam and other industries in the country with just 9 years? Didn't Rawlings spend 19 years in power, what can we remember him of? If Rawlings had built another Akosombo dam wouldn't Ghana had been better? Didn't Kuffour spend 8 years in power, what can we remember him of? Is it not the selling of Vodafone and other national assets?

Nkrumah from 1957 to 1966 managed to build Akosombo dam, Tema harbour, VALCO, GIHOC distilleries, Jute factory, KNUST, established hospitals, secondary schools, training and nursing schools. Rawlings in his 19 years sold almost all of these factories and where did the proceeds go? Do you? Into his personal bank accounts. Just look through Ghana from Accra to Wa can you see anything remarkable that was done by Rawlings or Kuffour?

Why was Nkrumah able to do them? Was he a magician? No he wasn't a magician he was a visionary, thinker, a real politician who cared for the people of Ghana and was bent on helping Ghana to develop. He knew what he wanted for Ghana and was determined to do it. He built schools, infrastructures that made a middle income country. Can we say the same about Rawlings and Kuffour and Papa Attah Mills? Do they have vision...hmmm I don't think so. Are they forward thinking people who want the best for Ghanaians? Hmmmm...I don't think so.

Think twice when you vote for NPP and NDC politicians for they the road to power but they do not know the road to solving the worsening poverty situation in Ghana.

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