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Uneducated citizenry is like a pitch any game can be played on it. Illiteracy is what has given the politicians in Ghana the chance to fool so many people for so a long a time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will Ghanaians vote for NDC and NPP for another 4 years of poverty?

Why do Ghanaians keep punishing themselves by electing corrupt NDC and NPP men and women who think nothing more than their own stomach? Have you seen any independent minded Member of Parliament in either the NDC or NPP speaking for Ghanaians or forGhana other than themselves and their parties? Has anyone in the NPP or NDC being advocating for economic help for the poor in the country? Have you heard from your MP since he or she was elected in 2008? Has the regional minister in your region being doing anything to help the poor farmers and traders? Has the district chief executive been doing anything to help you and your community get water, waste bins, clean environment, and sanitation facilities in your community?

Don’t you know as a citizen of Ghana you have the right to know what your tax is being used for? Why have you kept silence when you do not have a job? Have you forgotten that Ghana is paying the minister of employment fat salary and bonuses to provide jobs for Ghanaians?

Why have you not taken any action when your community is without electricity? Have you forgotten that the Minister of Energy receives millions of cedis to ensure that you get electricity? Why have you not gone to his office to find out why he continues to receive salaries and bonuses every month yet you do not have electricity? Take action now. Organise the people who live in your community and are suffering like you and go to the minister, his deputy and the directors responsible for providing the service they are denying you, and ask for answers. Don’t take no for answer, demand answers now.

"Ghanaians Must Sit Up"

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