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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where are the Independent Minded MPs in Ghana?

Government cannot be wrong all the time. Opposition parties cannot be right all the time. Ghananeeds independent minded MPs who will be willing to call a spade a spade without conforming to the politics of the same. In Ghana issues are always discussed based on political lines where MPs of the ruling government always vote in favour and vote for the policies of government whether they be good or bad, whether the policies hurt farmers in his constituency or not, whether traders will be affected by the policies. There are no independent opinions in the ruling government. There are no independent opinions in the opposition parties either and Ghana is getting a bad deal. Why are our MPs not able to speak their mind freely for the good of Ghana? Do they have to vote on party lines all the time to the detriment of the nation and her people?

Due to lack of independent minds in both the the NDC and NPP the country is always driven by politics of the same. Ghanaians must begin to think about voting for independent candidates who do not support any of the major parties whose members continue to mismanage the nation while living on fat bonuses at the expense of the tax payer.

Are NDC MPs saying in Parliament saying everything that Mills has been doing is good if no then why they not letting their voices heard for the good of our country? Are the NPP MPs in Parliament saying everything that Mills has done is bad if no then why those who think otherwise are are not letting their voices to be heard for the good of our country?

Do you know what your vote can do? Very soon the president and his vice and the MPs will come begging you again to vote for them so they can keep you in poverty for another four years. Say no when they come.

If there is an independent candidate in your constituency listen to what he/she stands for and vote for him or her. Because if you vote for NDC or NPP MPs they will blindly put their interest and the interest of their parties first. Ghana and you will come second. You can let them think by refusing to vote for them.

"Ghanaians Must Sit Up"

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