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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Attempted ‘coup’ on Ga mantse foiled

Nii Tackie Tawiah II Ga mantse
Nii Tackie Tawiah II Ga mantse
The suspicion and sour relationship between the Ga chief, Nii Tackie Tawia II, and the government look set to worsen after a claimant to the Ga stool attempted an installation process with the alleged assistance of national security, Sunday morning.

The 'coup makers' led by Nii Ayittey Canada descended into the shrine of the Ga chief Priest accompanied by officers of the national security with goats and other traditional materials for the installation rituals to be performed.

Nii Ayittey Canada is claiming the throne under the stool name Nii Tackie Oblie III. It is his third such attempt to be installed, Joy News has learnt.

An elder of the Sakumono chief priest told Joy News they resisted the installation process because the claimant has not been sanctioned by the king makers.

“We were in our house and we heard people were coming with goats and things and we asked them what they were doing with the goats here and they said they were coming to perform customary [rites].

“We told them that it was not the right way to do that thing because they have to inform all the elders in the house", Nii Jabeng an elder of the Sakumono shrine said.

According to him, the claimant, Nii Canada came with elders and Jaasetse who were at best, strangers to the Ga stool.

Nii Jabeng confirmed the presence of the national security operatives, adding the head of the Sakumono shrine, elder of the Ga state, was on Thursday invited to a meeting by officers of national security on ways to bring peace into the Ga state.

He said they were surprised to see the officers on Sunday in the company of the claimant with the objective of assisting in his installation.

He said the timely intervention of the James Town police restored peace and order.

The police have declined to comment on the matter except to say that they are investigating.

A spokesperson of the Ga mantse, Nii Boye Abbey said the installation attempts vindicate their allegations that government has taken sides.

The Ga mantse have publicly criticized president Mills over what he says is government’s deliberate plan to undermine his authority by sidelining him.

But government insists Nii Tackie Tawia II must be gazetted before he will be officially recognized.

Nii Boye Abbey said: “We find it (installation attempt) very distasteful and is an unfortunate situation and a very big shame to them."

Story By Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana

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