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Thursday, April 22, 2010

NDC Footsoldiers’ actions stem from ridicules by political opponents

NDC Footsoldiers’ actions stem from ridicules by political opponents
NDC Footsoldiers’ actions stem from ridicules by political opponents
The National Youth Organiser of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ludwig Hlodze, says one of the reasons for some NDC youth running riot and taking the law into their own hands is the constant ridiculing by their political opponents who are still occupying various positions in government.

Speaking in an interview on PEACE FM’s “Kokrokoo”, Mr. Hlodze who stopped short of condoning the actions by these irate NDC youth, strongly contended that such taunts and mocking inflames passion.

“This (constant teasing) annoys people…after campaigning for a political party to come into power, you are denied a job…I’m not condoning or supporting what is happening…I am just tracing the root of some of these things,” he told Kwami Sefa-Kayi, host of the programme.

He posited that there was a need for parties drawn from the various political divide to refrain from acts likely to raise tempers and fuel the anger of the jobless party supporters.

For some weeks now, some irate youth belonging to the ruling NDC have run amok seizing government properties in what appears to be the freedom of lawlessness.

Some supporters across the country have been on rampage, seizing public toilets, offices of National Health Insurance Scheme, as well those of the National Youth and Employment programme. They have in rather violent demonstrations, demanded of government to sack some personnel of the NYEP and NHIS ostensibly because they were appointed by the erstwhile NPP government.

The incident involving some supporters of the ruling party sequestering the Adomi Bridge is just the latest in a series of recent incidents where NDC youth have taken matters into their own hands and gone on the rampage to get government to address their concerns.

Only last month irate NDC youth locked up the party office in Accra demanding the dismissal of former chairman of the Confiscated Assets Committee, Carl Wilson.

But Mr. Hlodze told PEACE FM that government was putting the necessary measures in place to ensure that Ghanaians, most especially the youth, are offered some training for skills acquisition.

“We should find ways of engaging those hands…We have a number of young people in this government and I don’t think that they would want to see their colleagues suffering…we will do everything to make sure that young people are employed,” Ludwig said.

He was however quick to emphasize that the government could not offer employment to virtually everybody and appealed to the youth to exercise restraint as the Mills administration forges ahead in its plans to create avenues for more jobs.

“We’ll create the opportunity for them…there is a need for our young people to be trained so that if government cannot absorb them, they could do something on their own…for the past 8years every appointment has been politicized…Until we realize that National Service is different from political services, this thing will continue,” he told Peace FM.

Source: Peacefmonline.com

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