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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is President Mills really competent?

Ato: Are you very sure that our president is competent?

Adom: But he is only 10 months into his 4 year term.

Ato: Yes but have you seen any sign that he will be able to deliver on his

campaign promises?

Adom: Well, I cannot tell but he is being visiting the regions.

Dan: I think he visited the regions to find out what progress is being made there.

Ato: What progress? Can you sincerely say that the president has made some progress since he took office? Are you saying jobs have been created or are being created? Are you saying the fuel shortage has gone away? Are you saying those Ghanaians living on two dollars a day have seen improvements in their lives? And by the way did he see the millions of people who live in mud/thatched houses roofed with bamboo and raffia leaves in the villages? Are those Ghanaians and what is the president doing to change their conditions? Did he see the farmers who are still using cutlasses and hoes to plant and harvest their crops in this 21st century?

Adom: But he is a Law Professor.

Ato: Yes but how does that translate into good roads? How does that translate into hospitals equipped doctors, medicines and equipments? How does that solve the problem of housing and decaying infrastructures in the villages, towns and cities? How does that put food on the table for millions of Ghanaians who are suffering? How does that transform our agriculture sector so we do not need to import rice from China? How does that help business to obtain credit at relatively?

Adom: I think you are not being fair to the president. Do you expect him to do all these in ten months?

Ato: No but at least he has spent 25% of his time and what can we link him to? Can you tell me the kind of policy the president is pursuing has he even got a programme of action at all?

Adom: So what are you driving at?

Ato: What I am saying is that he is incompetent. He is incompetent like those before him with the exception of Nkrumah who really had vision and implemented it to help our nation. Where would Ghana had been had it not been those infrastructures and companies that Nkrumah established? I laughed when recently Kuffour said Africa's problems are due bad leadership. He had eight years to change the poverty statistics in the country and what did we see? As for Rawlings I don't want to talk about him. He ruled for 19 good years and what did we see in our energy, education, health and agriculture sector? He now wants Mills to do in one year what he failed to do in 19 years. If they are competent, capable and have vision to develop our nation then why are we still poor 52 years after our independence? I tell you they are only competent when it comes to stealing from the poor people of the land. Why didn't Mo Ibrahim award his price to Kuffour?

Adom: I think you have a point there. But I hope you are not suggesting that Mills is being stealing from us.

Ato: Even if he is not stealing from us his Ministers are. Have you forgotten Muntaka or Yankey and the rest? I don't really know if Africans have some genes that prevent our leaders from having a positive attitude towards development. But let us wait and see if the next three years will be any different from what we have seen so far.

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