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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anger Brews In Ghana’s Military Contingent!


THERE is growing anger within the ranks of the two officers and forty-eight men of Ghana’s Peacekeeping contingent in Abidjan in Cote D’Ivoire, over the decision by their Contingent Commander, Brigadier General Kusi to hijack their feeding contract for one particular caterer.

This follows an earlier decision taken by the contingent to transfer their feeding contract from the original caterer to a new caterer in the light of the feeling in camp that they are getting a raw deal from the caterer.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, representatives of the soldiers based in Abidjan said that for quite some time now, they have been paying part of their feeding allowances into one pool to be given to a single caterer to cater to their needs.

They said that for several months now, however, they have come to the realization that they were being fed substandard rations, and in spite of numerous complaints, the caterer has refused to change her ways.

The soldiers said that in this direction, they went for a meeting several days ago to take a resolution to abrogate the contract with the old caterer, which was coming to an end, in favour of a new caterer, which was supposed to take effect this month.

“Imagine our shock when Brigadier General Kusi called us last week and insisted that the contract should be reverted back to the old caterer because she is the friend of some powerful people,” the aggrieved soldiers said.

According to one soldier, the Commanding Officer in the person of Col Hagan solved the problem and told us to look for our own caterer.

“We settled for the caterer of Ghana’s Ambassador but the Contingent Commander came from no where and insists we go back…why?”

They stressed, they did not have any contract with the old caterer but met her cooking for the previous contingent but “we want our own caterer”

The soldiers warned that they would not allow the abuse of their rights by the caterer.

“We are paying this woman, and so she cannot be forced down our throats if we do not want her.

We are calling on the military authorities to ensure that she is removed and a new caterer found for us at the earliest opportunity!” they said.

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