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Monday, March 15, 2010

'Ghana must lead an economic emancipation of Africa'

The Council for Africa, a UK-based think tank, has observed that Ghana has the historical and geo-political clout to mobilise international consensus and trail-blaze an unprecedented rapid economic emancipation agenda of Africa.

This, the council said, could develop into a full-scale continental prosperity revolution to eradicate the bondage, shackles and indignity of extreme poverty from Ghana and Africa.

"Only then can the independence celebration of Ghana become manifestly meaningful," it said in a message signed by Dr Koku Adomdza, the General Secretary, to mark Ghana's 53rd independence anniversary.

"Ghana at 53 is significant in many ways within the context of the total liberation of the African continent," it said.

The statement said on March 6, Ghana boosted the historic legacy of Dr Nkrumah, which facilitated the decolonisation process in Africa.

The council called for a radical paradigm shift of the mindset of Ghana as a beggar nation to a one blessed with an arsenal of natural, human and intellectual resources.

"We propose that Ghanaians must undergo a liberation paradigm shift. We have no business harbouring a neo-colonialist mentality. Secondly, we must attain unequivocal clarity tha5t Africa’s economic prosperity lies in the hands of African minds, hands and leadership," it stated.

The statement called for a "national progressive patriotic investment package that centered around the Ghanaian national interest – flag, emblem, anthem and people.

"We must remember that the architects of Ghana's political independence envisaged political decolonisation as a means of attaining economic prosperity.

"Ghanaians must attain crystal-c1ear clarity that, in order to defeat poverty, Ghana must industrialise through a technological, scientific, academic and industrial revolution and thus move away from a supplier of raw materials to exporter of manufactured goods.

"Ghana's Eurocentric educational institutions must change into agents of technological and scientific change that propels national prosperity development. "

Source: Daily Graphic

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