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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arrest Hooligans. Says Christian Council Chairman

Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante
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THE CHAIRMAN of the Peace Council, Most Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante, has bemoaned the violence that has characterized the ongoing biometric registration process, urging the police command to arrest the hoodlums.

In an interview with DAILY GUIDE, Most Rev Asante, also the chairman of the Christian Council, stated that those who were causing trouble in the registration process were “vagabonds who are simply going round with weapons maiming people.”

He charged the police to “act with dispatch to let people know the law bites” and that “nobody can take the law into his own hands and cause mayhem”.

He condemned the activities of those causing fear with machetes, axes, clubs and other weapons in Odododiodoo and other places, and called on the police and other law enforcement agencies to deal with them.

According to the chairman of the Peace Council, the police should also deal with politicians or party supporters in the habit of bailing out such thugs.

He warned politicians behind the violence to desist stating “If you are a politician who thinks you can use such goons to get votes and win power, you are only acting to create chaos in society and the law must deal with you.”

Most Rev Asante also criticized the action of the police administration disassociating itself from a command issued by Superintendent Kwasi Ofori to deal with thugs causing mayhem in the registration process describing it as a “sad situation.”

He cautioned that the police should not be seen to be divided on issues of maintaining law and order.

The chairman of the peace council noted that though the violence recorded was in a few places, the situation raised concern for the December polls. “If we do not deal with these things now, then people can think that they can take arms and create mayhem in the country and for that matter, the police should act with dispatch and make the law bite.”

Most Rev Asante said the Peace Council was working behind the scenes to ensure that peace prevailed in the country.

He however pointed out that the Peace Council’s responsibility was to facilitate peace in the country and that if they cautioned lawbreakers but they refused to heed the advice, then the police should deal with them according to law.

“It’s like you are attacked in your house by armed robbers and you call the Peace Council, what do you want it to do, what are the Police there for?” he quizzed.

He implored all and sundry to stand up and work for peace.
Source: Emmanuel Ako-Gyima/Daily Guide

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