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Monday, November 8, 2010

"John Mahama Should Not Fool Himself Into Believing The Better Ghana Is Being Delivered"

Vice President John Mahama
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The Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings ( FONKAR) have observed with dismay recent comments from the Vice President John Dramani Mahama. Indeed the Vice President was reported to have entreated the NDC to find ways and means of addressing Mr Rawlings’ concerns as his comments do not augur well for the party.

“It gives the impression of a party that is not united and solid and often that can affect your chances electorally. So it is an issue that the party needs to confront and deal with. He has some grievances and if I pick some of the issues that he normally raises, one is about justice, you can’t just pick people and put them in jail, you need to go through a process to prove their guilt”.

He continued further by stating that President Mills was voted into power by Ghanaians and as such is a president of Ghana and not an NDC president!

FONKAR have carefully studied the content of the interview John Mahama granted Radio Ghana and we are convinced that such a statement could only be part of that grand scheme orchestrated by certain elements within the Presidency to cause dissatisfaction for Mr Rawlings with the hope of taking over the power base of the NDC.

FONKAR is wondering what John Mahama meant by “You can’t just pick people and put them in jail, you need to go through a process to prove their guilt”.

Has Mr. Rawlings stated that government should pick people and put them in Jail? Who said justice should not take its course? And again, who said the wrongs of the past should not be investigated?

Who doesn’t know that, the re-election of the NDC to power in 2009 was as a result of the people’s believe in the NDC as having the capability to clean the rot that had engulfed the social fabric of the country, after the NPP had virtually taken the country as its private property and dissipated our natural resources in a wanton abuse of power that virtually brought Ghana’s economy on it’s knees? Do we need a rocket scientist to tell us that former government functionaries ought to account for their stewardship? So what is wrong if Dr. Rawlings calls for accountability?

If the likes of John Mahama are happy that the current government has dithered in investigating and prosecuting the fraud perpetrated by the Kufuor’s government, some of us are not and he should not fool himself into believing that the better Ghana that was promised is being delivered.

Did the manifesto for better Ghana not promised social justice and punishment for economic and political crimes? So what is John Mahama talking about? Our questions are endless and we need unscripted answers from the vice president.

And again, what was the Vice President thinking when he said that President Mills was voted into power by Ghanaians and as such is a president of Ghana and not an NDC president? Who said President Mills is an NDC President?

Which party’s mandate brought President Mills and John Mahama to power? Was it an independent ticket or the NDC? We seriously wonder if John Mahama and his boss are really running this country or a bunch of sycophants who have their ears are the ones ruling Ghana. What has the pair done to protect the principles and ideals of the NDC? Instead of protecting the ideals on which the NDC was founded they have rather encouraged their trusted median contacts to run down the ideals, principles and idiosyncrasies of the party. How can you be a Christian and not be Christ like? How possible can somebody claim to be an NDC and not believes in the principles and ideals that gave birth to the party? Where was John Mahama’s conscience when he made this bizarre remark?

How many times are we going to allow ourselves to be victimized by the unbridled folly and reckless remarks of our experimental politicians? John Mahama, and many who think like him, has conveniently forgotten the machinery that won them their elections. As an elected official of a political party, you are sworn to uphold the ideals, philosophies and idiosyncrasies of the party you serve. You have been elected to serve the interests of the party and a mandate to further the goals of the party.

Why is it acceptable for Mills and his cronies, to treat Jerry Rawlings as a fugitive in his own party, yet see the scrutiny of John Mills as a taboo?

When Prof. Mills went away to Canada to teach, President Rawlings kept the NDC alive with endurance. When people like Kofi Totobi Kwakyi was ‘ill’ in all eight years, and Kwamena Ahwoi ‘retired’ from politics during opposition time, and Kwesi Ahwoi went to work abroad, it was President Rawlings who held the fort.

John Mahama had time to concentrate on African Union matters during the same period when the NDC needed to be sustained. It is also declassified information that John Mahama and Haruna Iddrisu got compromised by Francis Poku with cash inducements which made them burry their conscience and truth when they were supposed to be defending their avowed principles of the NDC. But today, all these people think former President Rawlings should not have a say in NDC matters. How more interesting can it get?

We are amazed at the level of extreme obsession by people in government to run down the Rawlingses and will not sit by and allow “strangers” in the NDC to destroy what has been built for well over 19 years.

FONKAR deems John Mahama’s comments as very reprehensible and injurious to Mr. Rawlings and we wish to denounce this carefully planned and projected agenda to obliterate the former President and to send a warning that such intrigue will not work for their benefit today or ever. We also wish to caution President Mills to be wary of these intrigues and their dire consequences for his presidency. And we in the FONKAR are ready to defend the legacy of Jerry Rawlings - the legacy they want to either usurp or destroy - even if it will cost us our lives.
Source: Dela Coffie (Communications Director) 0246731430

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