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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rejoinder: Castle boys fight over cash

Ben Akyena Brentuo, has been dismissed by executives of AFRO
Ben Akyena Brentuo, has been dismissed by executives of AFRO

The leadership of the Alliance for Responsible Opposition (AFRO) notes with grave concern certain in-exactitudes that were published in the 8th November 2010 edition of the Daily Guide.

The paper in the referred to edition sought to create the impression that the Alliance for Responsible Opposition is a group which is being sponsored by the presidency and national security. This was a cruel misrepresentation of the group's source of existence given the sacrifices that members have had to provide to keep the group going.

The caption "CASTLE BOYS FIGHT OVER CASH" is not only a distortion and a contortion of the reality on the ground but also sought to create the erroneous impression that AFRO is funded by the National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo Lartey (rtd).

We will want to state unequivocally that AFRO has no links with the National Security Coordinator or any National Democratic Congress (NDC) "Chieftain" as maliciously carried by the Daily Guide, and would never seek under any circumstances to establish any such links.

The caption indeed was a far cry from the dismissal letter issued by the Leadership Committee of the Alliance for Responsible Opposition (AFRO) to Mr. Benjamin Akyena Brantuo relieving him of his duties as Convener!

We wish to state emphatically here and now that AFRO is an inter-party political pressure group which was painstakingly formed through the effort, energies and intellect of young and courageous individuals of this country who come from diverse ideological and political persuasions but mostly of the social democratic tradition.

We state here without fear of contradiction and for confirmation by media organisations that have in the past covered our public events that - AFRO has no patron - that AFRO was not formed at the instance of all of the individuals and offices that have been waved about in the media.

We know how far we have come as a group and look back with some sense of satisfaction and pride at how we have through collective efforts and contributions been able to bring AFRO this far. AFRO will not be distracted by spins meant to dampen its resolve and commitment to its chosen course.

AFRO will continue to strongly advocate and campaign for sanitized politics, issue-based public discourse and responsible opposition. As youth we are well convinced beyond doubt that the actions of the current generation will surely impact on future generations and thus we will continue in the role that we have chosen for ourselves to participate in the determination of the future of this country. We will do this fearlessly and in spite of propagandist's attempts to derail our efforts.

We identify ourselves with the social democratic tradition and to the extent that policies and programmes of the incumbent government which also lay claim to social democracy contradict with this very philosophy Ghanaians can rest assured that we will subject the NDC government to constructive critique. Critiques that will serve as models for all civil society groupings including political parties who wish to contribute their ideas through policy engagement and discussion of alternatives for the development of our dear nation.
As we seek the broader issue of national development, AFRO is least interested in the intra party disputes of political parties. Our wish is for an increased strength and unity for all political parties.

Internal strength and unity that will enable them to better discuss and engage on policies of state. For avoidance of doubt AFRO is not aligned to any intra party faction of any political party. Our call is for the closing up of ranks in all political parties and for promotion of intra party issue-based debates on the course of direction for our country.

We wish to use this medium to thank our teeming members and supporters who in diverse ways have contributed to the sustenance of the group to this date. We do count on your continued support as we move in our collective into the future.

Long Live AFRO, Long Live the People of Ghana, Long Live Ghana.


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