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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Myths about Sweden

Are all Swedes Vikings? Are all the Swedish women tall, beautiful and blonde? Do Swedes eat meatballs, smorgasbord and dance to Abba all day long?
This is the forum where all this important questions are answered!
What else have you heard that you want to find out if it’s true? Or perhaps just talk about cultural differences in general. Come on in!

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Forum / Myths about Sweden / Housing in Stockholm
  • Portugal

    Housing in Stockholm

    Ok, one of the "myths" about Sweden (in this case, Stockholm) is that it's impossible to find housing in Stockholm. Some people talk about 6 months, 1 year, 2 years to find an house. One of the justifications is that the apartments rental market is saturated and there's too many demand for little offer. On the other hand when you browse through sites like bostad direkt and blocket you usually see a lot of ads for house rental (lägenheter uthyres).

    Stockholm locals and Swedish invandrare (immigrants), tell us your experience in finding a place to live in Stockholm, so all of us who are thinking of moving to Sweden benefit from it. :)

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    By Paulo Sebastião Number of posts: 9598 days ago.

  • Sweden

    It totally depends on where in Stockholm you want to live. Stockholm is veeery big. If you can settle for living in the suburbs, finding a place won't be that difficult. But if you want to live in inner-city Stockholm, it gets -a lot- harder, because, as you sad, a lot of people want to live there, but there are not houses for anyone. So the cue for getting a place can be awfully long.

    I live in Stockholm, but in the suburbs very close to the inner city.
    I hope i helped you out!

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    By Emil a.k.a Åffer Number of posts: 2598 days ago.

  • Sweden

    I guess there is a little more to it. Most of the ads you see about appartments in the city of Stockholm is talking about second, third and maybe four hand contracts. That means that you don't have a contract with the owner, but with a private person who has a contract with the owner, or someone that have a contract with someone that has a contract with someone that has a contract with the owner.

    I have friends that has gone to Stockholm for work, but to find a place to live was difficult and verry expensive. One friend rented a room with bathroom, no kitchen, and the family made her pay Sek 4000/ month.

    A lot of young people stays with friends, one week here, two weeks there and so on, moving around carrying their lifes in bags.

    If you want a first hand contract it is common that you will have to pay to get it. This is illegal, but since people pay, the owner of the contract can sell.

    To buy an appartment in Stockholm, say 2 room, kitchen and bathroom, you will pay a sum that would get you 2-3 villas where I live.

    This is all about politics, of course. There haven't been built enough housing for many years in the Stockholm area. On the other hand buildings has been torn down in a lot of cities around Sweden because there is not enough people living in the cities anymore. You see, everything is done in Stockholm and all the companies wants to keep their business in the big city. This has the effect that the companies are closing down in the smaller cities and people has to move to Stockholm to get a job. The problem is that they have problems finding a place to live. A negative spiral going down toward chaos.

    Well, I will stop now, since this is turning into politics, but the bottomline is that it is not easy to find a place in Stockholm. To me it's OK, I will never return. The quality of life is better where I live now.

    Best regards

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    By Annika Munksgaard Number of posts: 27584 days ago.

  • USA

    Annika is right. My boyfriend is one of those who moves from place to place, staying a few weeks in one place and then onto another, back and forth, while he goes to school. Most of his siblings live in Stockholm or near by so he has those places to rely on now but when I move there we will have to have our own place and i have heard horror stories about how long the wait can be and how much it will cost.

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    By Mary Number of posts: 37577 days ago.

  • Portugal


    Thanks for all the kind answers. I now have a better ideia of the problems concerning the difficulty of finding a place to rent in Stockholm. I asked this because I'll probably move to Stockholm this year and I'm doing some research about housing.

    Emil, where do you live in? And what do you consider a suburb (could you name some cities)?


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    By Paulo Sebastião Number of posts: 9569 days ago.

  • Cuba

    I'm interested in knowing how much a one bedroom apartment in the city costs because

    4,000.00 SEK


    666.234 USD

    is not a lot of money at all. For example, I have lived in Miami and now New York and 1/brm in the city will cost no less than 1,200 usd, aproximately 8,000 SEK. How much will a 1/brm cost in the center of the city with the bathroom and kitchen of course :)

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    By Natacha Perez Number of posts: 1481 days ago.

  • Italy

    Well in my experience finding a flat or a room is almost a mission impossible, when you try to answer to a classified ad the place is always already gone. Maybe I should try to focus my search in the suburbs as Emill suggested.

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    By Alpo Number of posts: 2470 days ago.

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