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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The M&J Saga, Rawlings And Wife Are 'Guilty' Too.

The NDC dreaded 25th September upon us and the Political fallout is yet to hit them, but folks, believe me, this is a corruption case that even murderer Rawlings is not going to escape without some wounds inflicted on him and his Accountability and probity nonsense being called into question. If Rawlings was really in control of his administration, how come he didn't know what was going on right under his nose? Rawlings was in the loop on this corruption case and the British Government is shielding him to avoid the Political upheaval that might descend on our country if he is named, why do I believe that?' The eating is in the pudding'.

Let's examine the court ruling that came out on September 25th, 2009

"114. The role of Baba Kamara and his value as an agent to M&J is made clear in a document authored by a M&J executive, probably prior to July 1996, and sent to Director A; Director B; Director C and Director E. The document is entitled 'Ghana Review of existing Agent and introduction of alternative Agent' .


"He is the NCE (sic) Treasurer and also the political overseer for the Ministry of Roads and Highways. He is a member of the all powerful NDC Finance Committee which includes Kwame Peprah (Minister of Finance and Minister of Mines and Energy), Obed Asamoah (Justice Minister and Foreign Minister) and Mrs Rawlings amongst others"

M&J switched to Kamara because of the influence he had at that time, he was working closely with the named individuals who wielded a lot of power at that time. Mrs Rawlings in particular was very attractive to the M&J Directors because of the total influence she has over her husband, a murderous Dicatator who was feared because of the way he treated his own Vice President, beating a 68 year old man who he outweight at leats hundred pounds and twenty years older. Let's get back to the M&J issue and tie Rawlings and his wife into it.

"115. Additionally, Mr. Kamaras wife was secretary to the then President of Ghana - the former Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings, who had originally achieved power by means of a military coup in 1981. Unsurprisingly, a person in the position of influence of Mr. Kamara was an attractive prospect to M&J as agent for their business in Ghana,"

This Kamara guy might end up being the key in solving Rawlings hidden millions. His wife was secretary to the goon who was the President at the time and this did not skip the minds of the M&J Executives who found in him the avenue to reach the top echelon of the NDC administration. Below is an important quote and forumers who are should examine it carefully as what the intended person the M&J really wanted to entrap. The most important word in that sentence is "DEPLOYED". If Kamara is the final arbitor in this coruption scheme, the who is he supposed to deploy some of the corruption money to?

"that M&J knew and intended that commission paid to Mr. Kamara would be deployed as and when required to corruptly promote M&J commercial interests."

Mabey and Johnson Executives have been dishing out monies to some Ministers and top Civil servants without any assitance, why do they now need a middleman to 'deploy' some of their bribery money ? Somebody is trying to get a pie of this money but don't want their names to be involved. Did Rawlings talk to his secretary to talk to the husband? Your guess is as good as mine. We all know about Rawlings corrupt stories emanating from Nigeria and his interest in that country, how come this KAMARA guy is now the GHANA AMBASSADOR to NIGERIA? Who got that guy that Nigeria gig? Is he being sent there to watch Rawlings interest in that country?

Rawlings, the cognoscente of Probity and Accountability is going to be exposed as a corrupt individual because of his penchant for logorrhea. Rawlings profanity tirades laced with pure hatred for the person of former President Kuffour when he make his speeches in foreign countries would be his downfall. He escaped with the Scancem millions including the 17 million check his wife took from Scancem officials. The next company the government of Ghana should talk to the British SFO to look into as far as Ghana is concerned is the BiWater company whose officials are alleged to have paid for the education of Rawlings Somali adopted children in exchange for a contract in Ghana.

The Person of interest in this saga is Kamara and President Mills should not send him to Nigeria as our Ambassador until we found out from him who else benefitted from this corruption scheme. The other important person who could have been of help is the KWAME OFORI guy who is dead. The Kamara guy and his wife should be protected now before they meet the same fate as Kwame Ofori. The M&J paid 470,000 pounds in bribes in Ghana to win a 20 million pounds contract. So far some names have come ot with how much each received. Out of this 470,000 pounds, only about 115,000 pounds is accounted for, who received the 355,000 pounds balance? President MILLS, that is the question Ghanaians need an answer to.




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