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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mills Should Resign

By Sarpong Justice

The recent grumblings from Spio Garbra and Rawlings indicates that, all is not well within NDC Party and Mills administration in particular. The Atta Mills nascent administration has been a total failure with lack of any policy innovation that can wake the country up from its doldrums . Though only nine months in its four year term, there have not been any policies unveiled by this administration to assure Ghanaians that, they know what they are doing. Ghana is 52 years old and this 'TRY AND ERROR' management of our beloved 'Maame' Ghana should stop. There is an arrested development by this administration due to Mills inability to come up with cohesive policies for his team to carry out and the earlier he send Pastor Joshua back to Nigeria and turn the affairs of the country to his Vice, Mahama, the better it would be for this country of ours. We don't have a Parliamentary system where we can call for an earlier election to dump this clueless administration so our only option is for moribund Mills to resign and let Mahama take the steering of this car before he steers it into a ditch.

Mills during the campaign promised a better Ghana but has unleashed hell on earth to Ghanaians within the short time he has been in office. Our hospitals and schools are nothing to write home about but this President and his comedians at the castle are going to spend another 50 million on the Presidential Palace with 35 million to provide accomodation for Presidential guards, a numbskull idea that even a "SAA SEBEN" drop out would not even put out there in the public domain as a trial baloon. Is this another fraud being perpetrated by the castle goons to recruit their friends and family and house them within the confines of Political power as watchmen, sorry, SECURITY OFFICIALS?

Why is it that, every NDC honcho believe their problem is lack of communication? What do they take us for, FOOLS?What is really upsetting and childish is that, NDC is not seeing their lack of performance as a shortcoming and blaming it on lack of communication from the Mills team, and folks that is mockingly cynical or sarcastic. Why is it that the NDC honchos believe that their problem is lack of communication? What do they take Ghanaians for, FOOLS? NDC has nothing to communicate to the Public about as it has failed miserably to accomplish any of its goals.If an administration with an Information Minister and two deputies together with 'MANI ABRE' Anyidoho and Tractor Ayariga at the castle can't disseminate government policies, then maybe it's not a problem of communication but lack of positive information to inform the Public about. This administration has failed in every sphere of its promises as manifested in its manifesto.

1. Selling petrol at 2 cedis-FAILED. Atta Mills promised to sell petrol to Ghanaians at two cedis when oil was selling at $147 a barrell, now that oil is selling at give away price of $50 a barrell, not only are we paying a pretty penny, five cedis a gallon for this commodity but despite the deluge of oil at the world market, Motorists in Ghana can't even find petrol to buy because this administration has not imported one cup of petrol into Ghana since it assumed office nine months ago.We were living on the oil reserve from the NPP administration which has been depleted now.

2.ONE time payment of Health Insurance coverage-FAILED. We were promised a one time payment of health premium for the rest of our lives but a showpiece of the previous administration is collapsing under Mills watch for reasons only known to them.

3.School uniform for all children in school-FAILED (Now it is uniform for deprived children) The euphoria that greeted this promise is ebbing because now the Policy is changed. Instead of every child in Ghana receiving free uniform, Mills and his administration has changed it to only children of deprived families. This is a double speak, deprived families would turn out to be synonymous with NDC constituencies where our gold and cocoa money will be used to buy the votes of these children parents.

4.Putting money in every pocket in Volta Region-FAILED (Rather created smuggling cartel for our petrol) Mills stood on a platform at Ho and Hohoe and promised to fill the pockets of EWES with money. He tried to achieve that by letting them smuggle our scant petrol supply to Togo and when that failed to fill their pockets, they were brought to Ashiaman and Chorkor to seize toilets as a compensation for voting overwhelmingly for NDC.

5. Corrupt free administration-FAILED ( Toiletgate,Car snatchingate,Tractorgate, Ayarigate, Muntakagate, Sika Yankegate,Nana Konadugate, Kamaragate etc) This one is just laughable. Withing nine months, we have had more 'gates' in corruption scandals than every administration in Ghana . The only Party members in our annals of history to be convicted at an international court in the Mabey and Johnson fraud scandal in England.

6.NDC preached about how they are going to make armed robbery a thing of the past-FAILED (ARMED ROBBERY IS RAMPANT NOW THAN 2008) Gbevlo-Lartey was touted as the savior of our sound sleep without worrying about armed robbers. Now armed robbery has been adopted as an intimidation policy by NDC Party as Opposition NPP members has been targets and some have lost their lives to NDC recruited armed robbers to silence the voice of Opposition. Ordinary Ghanaians have not escaped this menace of society. Now these NDC goons satisfy their salacious interest by asking victims to engage in sexual acts while they watch to satisfy their crazy brains.

7.NDC promised to create jobs-FAILED (Not a single legitimate job has been created unless you count smuggling, armed robbery, car snatching and toilet seizures) Instead of NDC continuing from where the NPP left of in job creation, their policy now is to dismiss all workers hired from January 2001 to December 2008 and replace them with NDC foot soldiers. NYEP, NHIS, METRO BUS system, Cocoa Spraying units other NPP created job outlets have been seized by marauding Azorka boys from NDC without any punishment from Mills administration. Now you have to be an NDC member to have a job in Ghana as if everybody else is now from Togo or Burkina Faso. Sorry, even they give jobs to Togolese like Fiifi Kwetey, the deputy Finance Minister.

8.Mills promised to be the President of all Ghanaians-FAILED (Now it is an NDC policy to get rid of everybody employed from Jan.1 to December 2008. This man cannot be the father to Ghanaians when he even failed to be a father to his own flesh and blood Little Sam who he banished to a village in Central Region when he and Naadu were feeding four German shepherd dogs with "PAANO and BUTTER".

9.Our Cedi has been on a free fall and has lost 38% of its value since NDC assumed office nine months ago-FAILED. Our weak cedis as compared to the international currencies has deprived workers their purchasing power as most of our daily needs are imported. A worker who used to pay 65 pesewas for a Taxi ride has to pay one cedi now because of the weakness of our cedi, while there is a freeze in our pay structure.

10.Inflation that was brought down from NDC administration high of 45% to 18% by NPP administration is now back up to 20.0%-FAILED Now every commodity on the market price is inching up including the all important cement which is the engine of development due to the uptick of our inflation figure.

11. Despite not a gallon of petrol imported since NDC assumed power, our trade deficit is going up-FAILED. You would have expected our trade deficit to come down since oil which costs us more than 40% of our trade inbalance has not been utilized but the opposite is the case because of the weakness of our currency.

12.NDC promised not to go borrowing, now our deficit has gone up to 8.5 billion, not counting the world Bank loans and the China 2 billion loan facilities pending-FAILED. How can this happen when Mills and his castle Prayer camp group have not constructed or tarred one mile of a feeder road? Countrymen, that is the truth, our decificit has gone up without anything to show for it.

Spio Garbra and others cannot use the excuse of NDC inheriting a bad economy in 2009 because the situation in 2009 is vastly better than what NPP inherited from NDC in 2001 and even Spio said so. He said NPP was going to fail since there was no money in the coffers of our country at that time. The dead Selormey, a fraudster extraordinaire said the same thing but NPP brought the economy back strongly and Ghana became a showpiece in a neighborhood where misery is part of life.Under NPP, our economy thrived and every Economic indicator, inflation, interest rate, unemployment and other figures improved significantly.

It is upon these Policy failures I am imploring Agya Atta to hand over the affairs of our country to his Vice President, MAHAMA who might be bold enough and not under the thumb of Dzeloupe Murderer Rawlings to be played like a YOYO by the goon squad at the Castle.

Little boy Ablakwa Okudzeto has been running his mouth but there is nothing positive to talk about. Ghanaians are matured and intelligent and if you think NDC problem is lack of communication, then we have something waiting for you MABEY AND JOHNSON CROOKS IN 2012.


Justice Sarpong


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