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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rawlings, "Y'ate Abre", Spare us the Histrionics.

By Sarpong Justice

There he stood, larger than life to his audience of NDC loyalist and few curious Norwegians listening to the circus master bent back due to his enlarged stomach and went to work as usual professing his 'saintly' and pious character and Captain 'Doctor' boom boom Rawlings embarked on his malarky's and macrobiotic of his AFRC,PNDC AND NDC regimes. Despite the Norwegian cool weather, this caitiff , nabob and lucullan bull of a man was horripilating because of the falsehood statement he was making. He falsey informed his audience of few NDC sycophants that, he has been exonerated from the Scancem scandal, though he didn't tell his minions who exonerated him.

The allegation published by a Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Naeringsliv, was that, Rawlings and his wife were among the NDC goons who took bribes and gave them monopoly for making cement in Ghana. When this story came out in 2007 when Scancem was going through a change of management, Captain "Doctor" Boom Boom Rawlings went into hiding and said nothing about his innocence. Two years later, now that the Scancem new owners have closed the books on the scancem corruption, caitiff Rawlings has found his voice and challenged the newspaper about his innocence but the newspaper has maintained that it still stands by the publication and has enough evidence to substantiate its claims. WHY IS RAWLINGS NOT SUING THIS NEWSPAPER? I will come back to expatiate on this later.

During the speech, Captain 'Doctor' BOOM BOOM Rawlings has this to say: The former President said that he and his wife had lived a simple life throughout his time in government and beyond. It's interesting to know what this fake CHE GUEVERRA calls a simple life.The simple life consist of driving a convoy of Jaguars and riding in BENTLEYS, as he is tailed by a bevy of security Agents in four wheel drive vehicles. Living in a compund of five houses like a Sheik with his own little fiefdom at his Ridge residence cannot be called a simple life.How many Joe Six Packs in Ghana can afford such luxuries and this is a man who killed People for having two toilets in their houses while he has more toilets in his residence than the whole Sogakope Township where he keeps another house where a man was killed by his bodyguards for coming close to the residemce.

Having your children educated at a cost of more than one million in foreign schools is a simple life?Why did he take his children from the inferior educational system he introduced during his regime and left the less privileged children to their fate? How many people living a simple life have mansions at East Legon, Akosombo and Tema? This Idi Amin incarnate is a con man extraordinaire. Rawlings defalcated from the coffers of Ghana and even that was not enough, a seventeen million dollars check issued to pay for a portion of Ghana government ownership in Ghacem, a subsidiary of Scancem in Ghana was said to have been taken by Lady Macbeth Konadu, and up till now, this money has not been accounted for.

As if these lies were not enough for his audience for the day, he made the most outrageous comment of the day when he said: "If I had money I would gladly pursue the newspaper to clear my name. The incident allowed members and people associated with former President Kufour to malign my family and me; to print and utter publicly, words that impugned on my credibility and integrity and all but challenged my perpetual chant of accountability, probity and freedom and justice for all!"

This man is trying very hard to drag President Kuffour's name in the mud every opportunity he gets. He makes this same speech about how perfect he and his adminstration were, but his twenty years rule only legacy was a tattered economy that forced Ghana to go HIPC.

Bulcrap, first, you Mr Rawlings has a false sense of your so called intergrity. The only intergrity you have is that of a Bully, kleptomaniac and a Murderer. Who is this murderer trying to deceive and impress? What happened to your rich friends? Where is the Abacha millions? Who told this man if he has a good case he cannot hire lawyers on contingent basis? Lawyers work on CONTINGENCY in this kind of a case, is this man not aware of that? Where are Rawlings loyal lawyer friends? Are they not qualified to file a suit against this newspaper on behalf of their Tin god? Try suing this paper and all your scancem stealing would be made public. If you need lawyers to sue SCANCEM,'Doctor' RAWLINGS, there would be a line of lawyers beating the path to your five compound house to work on CONTINGENCY basis, try it and all your secrets would be out. The reason why you have not sued anybody is that, the moment you do that, your INDEMNITY NONSENSE becomes NULL and VOID and you will see your pregnant self in HAGUE.Captain "Doctor" Rawlings, don't adumbrate and misprize us as fools because your reason for not suing the Norwegian newspaper is inane, illogical and puerile sophomoric.

If Captain 'Doctor' Rawlings really want to sue this paper, he can easily do so with lawyers willing to work P'ro Bono' but that is not the intention of this man who preach about Accountability but has never accounted to anybody. Why is Rawlings hiding behind the indemnity clause if he had nothing to hide? Let Rawlings contact me, I can get him lawyers who can work Pro Bono or on CONTINGENCY. The usual agreement is that, if the case is settled before it reach the courthouse, the lawyer or Lawyers take 33.3% of whtever money awarded before expenses or 40% when the litigation reach the courthouse. I can also get him lawyers who are willing to work for free(Pro Bono) CAN Captain 'Doctor' Rawlings take this offer so that the NEWSPAPER CAN BE DRAGGED TO COURT? I am sure not to be taken on this offer as Rawlings was just on histrionics self indulgence in Norway.

Let me take fellow Ghanaians through the memory lane. Not long ago, really about nine years ago, we had a schadenfreude in the person of Captain 'Doctor' Yor-Ke Gari, as president, who presided over the most brutal government in our history. This guy came to the scene owning practically nothing and inundated us with his populist message of caring for the hoi polloi in society, but as it turned out, it was a facade to flummox and fleece us. Today, he tools around our streets in a convoy of eight bullet proof cars, thusly polluting our environment with huge carbon monoxide, and owning more than six houses in Ghana and others around the globe, whilst still accusing others of being corrupt. Can Captain 'Doctor' Rawlings tell us the source of his income outside his pension as an ex-president? Who foots his gas guzzling cars, observers would want to know? Of course he does not have to buy petrol; you and I are paying for this bad ass deadbeat ex-tutelage. Even in 1993 when this Captain 'Doctor' Yor-Ke Gari, also known as, Togbe Kosi Exterminator, had metamorphosed his despotic P\NDC military regime into a civilian government, he was still stealing our money under the glare of his Parliamentary goons who were really Puppets rubber stamping his corrupt policies.

Now Mabey and Johnson scandal which is about to conflagrate the NDC regime would be headline news again on September 24th of this year when the court in London re-conveys to deliberate about this scandal of 35 million dollars Project in Ghana during the first NDC regime under "DOKOTA" Rawlings. Five present Ministers under this Mills administration are accused of being involved and you can bet your bottom dollar that, Captain 'doctor' Rawlings is deeply involved in it, so Captain 'Doctor' Rawlings should spare us this histrionics.



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