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Thursday, September 17, 2009

$47b ‘Free Cash’ Coming


Gregg Frazier
The Government of Ghana is within reach of a windfall of over $47 billion free cash stashed in a Swiss Bank, according to assurances given to President Evans Atta Mills by Mr. Gregg Frazier, International Coordinator of the Oman (Ghana) Holdings.

The assurances stressed that the amount, which forms part of a lump sum of $800 billion currently locked up at the same bank, is withdraw-able within a few hours of the submission of valid passwords and account numbers, while the rest could be claimed six months later.

And for the umpteenth time, Mr. Frazier has expressed his willingness to fly a seven-man government delegation out of the country, at his own expense, for the ‘idle cash’, saying he is ready to go to jail if this final endeavour brings any embarrassment to the people of Ghana.

A written request to the President, dated 5th April, 2009, noted that all previous efforts at cashing the money was fruitless because the series of delegations that went to the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), failed to follow the right procedures.

According to him, Dr. John Ackah Blay-Miezah, who was Ghana’s original point man, and holder of Ghana’s withdrawal passport, could have succeeded on a number of occasions, but because the government of the day was not aware of the true nature of this money, he tried to bargain the fund’s retrieval with him becoming president of Ghana which he failed.

In the case of Joyce Blay-Miezah, his wife, she failed to access the money because of technical reasons, greed, and a misunderstanding of the trust’s mechanics.

“The solution is simple. The bank knows and will demand and insist on full compliance with the original instructions issued by the Republic of Ghana in 1959 to enable the funds to be accessed,” the request noted.

Frazier said the sitting president of the Republic of Ghana is the sole trustee of Oman Trust funds, but can also appoint someone (who is 65-years and above and married) to act on his behalf.

He added: “I am prepared to finance a team of not more than seven (7) including five (5) from government’s side and two from my side with a first class air ticket and ten days first class accommodation and per diem of $200 per person per day”.

Sounding very confident, he promised the President that he should be held responsible if things do not go well.

“Prof Mills, on my honour, I will not disappoint you or the people of Ghana. I implore you to give me one chance to serve. I have seen the deception and abject stupidity that has caused the past failures. If I fail, I am prepared to be jailed for lying to government officials, and will sign a bond to that effect with your national security agency. I will not fail,” he concluded.

The said accounts which are controlled through a numbered account at the United Bank of Switzerland, formerly known as Union Bank of Switzerland, has been at the centre of great controversy for over three decades.

Reportedly set up by W.E.B. Du Bois and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the trust monies consists of 27 corporations with different mandates to develop Ghana and Africa, as envisaged by the two great Pan-Africanists.
It has reportedly since rolled over a number of times and is comprised presently of seven individual accounts all operated under a single number.

Six of the accounts are investment savings accounts (amounts in billions) and require a six-month notification, but the seventh, which is a current account, holds the controversial $47 billion and could allegedly be withdrawn hours upon arrival in the Swiss capital, Frazier told DAILY GUIDE.

DAILY GUIDE has gathered that the Mills Administration is putting together a team, probably to be led by Dr. Cadman Mills, a member of the Economic Team, to respond to the SOS request of Gregg Frazier which will fly to Zurich as soon as possible.

The 61-year-old African-American who has spent the best part of his years living in Ghana and ‘chasing’ the Oman billion dollars has also been investigated by the National Security apparatus and the Finance Ministry, who have both given him a clean slate and advised Government to make ‘one more try’ for the cash.

“After all, what does the government of Ghana lose by trying?” a source who spoke on anonymity asked.

It would be recalled that several claimants have come forward to say they owned these funds, however after investigations; officials have rendered their claims worthless. The determination, according to Gregg Frazier, is that the funds belong to the Government and People of Ghana, clearing the way for Ghana to at last claim what is rightfully hers.

By Bennett Akuaku

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