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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Attempted 5.7 Million Dollar Scam.......MUBARAK BUSTED

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He fraudulently bagged $290,000 Into His Accounts, How He Begged the New Crusading Guide reporter not To Blow His Lid

As the days go by, Hafix Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hafred Security continues to sink in his own shady muddy waters as his 'dependable' fraudulent partners have started confessing how they shared the booty from their attempted $5.7mil gold scam.

Mubarak Seidu, a popular kingpin of Nima who was busted in a quick surgical operation by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) last night, has started spilling the beans on how the whole fraud was orchestrated. He says that Hafix Mohammed 'is foolish' and but for his lavish spending of the scam money, nobody would have uncovered the fraud. Mubarak Seidu who confessed to taking a some share of the money pleaded with the New Crusading Guide's ace investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, that he should be left out of any police arrests, adding that he would pay anything to be released from the fraud. He also pleaded that his accounts, (bank name withheld for now) should not be touched since the bank nearly froze his accounts on a similar fraud he perpetrated.

In a conversation with Anas, Mubarak expressed fear that his account, which holds a substantial part of the money would be frozen if the police gots to know about his involvement in the deal.

He thus promised to lead the reporter to one of the kingpins in the gold scam, who is deeply involved in the scam syndicate. According to Mubarak, the kingpin, who he named as Prince, took $400,000 out of the deal.

Meanwhile the chief fraudster in this case, Hafix Mohammed, after being exposed has been hopping from one radio station to the other trying unsuccessfully to say he is innocent.

Mubarak's arrest, which was led by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police service, was an act of high level intelligence blended with hints of CSI drama.

As Mubarak stood in the company of well trusted friends, the CID remained informed by some of these 'trusted friends' on Mubarak's movements and where he would likely be hanging out in the night.

Our ace investigative reporter, who was present at the scene, aided the CID personnel in the eventual arrest of the kingpin.

Playing an enviable intelligence ploy, Mubarak left the company of his friends by boarding a taxi and left his parked brand-new cars behind, all in an effort to outwit any onlookers who might be keeping an eye on him.

What he did not know was that his own friends who he was breaking the Islamic fast with, who he was praying in the mosque with were reporting every single move he was making. His movement to a - and his picking up of his phone were all being monitored by the able- intelligence officers.

As he headed in an opposite direction with the taxi driver, the CID team trailed and arrested him in a most typical intelligent-style, shattering his apparent air of safety. He was picked up like a chicken in the taxi.

Mubarak, who could not resist the arrest, smilingly said to the police while behind bars “I thank God for this arrest. It would stop all the rumours and controversies that have surrounded my name over these few weeks”.

Meanwhile, before the arrest, Mubarak and his group of friends had been boasting that they have most top shots of the Ghana Police Service in their 'pockets' and could therefore not be busted. The New Crusading Guide is yet to publish a story about one Ali, who claims to be working with the National security and how he bragged about his 'connections' with the National security apparatus and capacity to use his position to shield fraudsters.

Stay tuned for more on Mubarak and Hafix.

Source: anas aremeyaro -New Crusading Guide

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