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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nduom: Senator Edward Kennedy – An Extraordinary Public Servant

Senator Edward Kennedy was an extraordinary public servant. He believed that public service is an honourable call to duty. He believed that service to your country without expecting personal profit is an important attitude to have. It was he who said that he did not have to be president to serve his country. So he served, with honour, as a senator. He excelled serving and kept his dreams alive, always hoping for a better world.

What more can one say about a political giant who could reach across the aisle in the US Senate as a Democrat and work with Republicans in order to pass laws that create opportunity and lift barriers for the disadvantaged, poor and aged? What can one say about someone who rose above his own human failings to triumph as a leading lawmaker who cared about people? He loved life, he loved people and he loved to work to create equal opportunity for all. That is why healthcare reform was a major objective of his so that everyone in America could have access to good quality care.

But it is his human spirit – one of caring that appealed to me. It is wonderful to hear his Senate colleagues speak warmly of him as one who would send hand-written notes to encourage them on their sick beds. He sent a note or made a phone call to lift up the spirits of politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike who got into trouble or faced difficulties in their lives. He was one to say a kind word to a constituent and offer advice on what to do to get ahead in life.

Yes, he came from a privileged background, a wealthy family and could have sat back to enjoy life without caring for the underprivileged. But he stood above the wealth, the privilege and used every advantage to create opportunity for others. Such was one of the many lessons his life teaches us.

His was a life well lived for the benefit of others. For caring, for creating opportunity for others, for lifting the spirits of others, he deserves our recognition and a salute from all who believe in the principle of social justice.

Tribute by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom
August 28, 2009

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