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Monday, September 14, 2009

Tsvangirai threatens to pull out of GPA

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Published: September 14, 2009

ZIMBABWE – BULAWAYO – PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on Sunday threatened to pull out of the inclusive Government accusing Zanu-PF of failing to honour the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

Speaking during his party’s 10th anniversary celebrations at White City Stadium, the MDC leader however said the final decision on whether the party stays in the Government or not rested with the people.

He announced that the party leadership would go around the country in the next month asking its supporters if it was viable for MDC to remain in the Government.

“As a party, we have agreed that in the next month, we are all going to consult the people of Zimbabwe on the future of this Government. We are coming to ask you if this Government is viable. It is you who will tell us what to do,” he said.

“I’m not threatening anyone, but a time will come when we say enough is enough. As a wife, if you are being abused and beaten by your husband don’t say, I will remain in the marriage because I have children. Get out of the marriage.”

Tsvangirai said the Zanu-PF’s leadership is working against the GPA, which led to the formation of the inclusive Government by the two parties and the MDC party led by Professor Arthur Mutambara.

He said his party entered the inclusive Government in an effort to find a solution to the problems affecting the country and was committed to ensure that Government worked.

He however said the Zanu-PF leadership was not committed in fulfilling “all the provisions” of the GPA and was “spreading hate language through the Press.”

“As MDC, we went into the Government with a very serious commitment because we believed that if this Government can work we can improve the lives of our people. We were very sincere and were reconciliatory because we didn’t want to be seen as people trying to disrupt the resolution of the national crisis, but what has happened?”

“We have seen our colleagues in the Government, those in Zanu-PF promote hate speech through the papers, arrest our party officials, even refusing to accept that this is a shared compromise.”

Tsvangirai said he was unhappy about the titles being given to the President by the media as they were against the GPA, which specified the roles of the President and Prime Minister.

He said the GPA stated that the President and Prime Minister shared executive authority but this was ignored.

“I am a very tolerant person. I would have not sat on the same table with (President) Mugabe. Even after winning the elections I compromised and joined the Government…But please don’t misjudge me. You can misjudge me at your own peril. I’m not going to standby while Zanu PF violates the GPA,” he said.-

The Zimbabwe Telegraph

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