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Friday, October 2, 2009

Barclays Workers mad at MD


October 1st, 2009, Accra: Workers of Barclays Bank Ghana Limited are in hush-hush and murmuring unhappily about the role played by the managing director of the bank, Mr Benjamin Debrah to lay off Mr. Gayheart Edem Mensah as the Communications Manager of the bank.

According to the workers, they are dismayed that the MD could use his executive powers to dismiss Mr Mensah when the latter had done nothing to deserve such an action. This which has angered the workers so much that they are alleged to be planning series of events to register their displeasure.

An inside source speaking on anonymity said Mr Debrah’s deed has drawn the criticism of the National Labour Commission (NLC) and that the MD and Management are likely to face the wrath of the NLC unless steps are taken to reinstate Mr Mensah into his former position.

The source said the MD allegedly told his management team that he has used his own executive power to sack Mr Mensah in contravention to directive from the Commission. Subsequently, the commission is alleged to have reminded him and management that the dismissal was in contempt of the commission jurisdiction and a contravention of Labour Act 651.

Mr Mensah was a manager and for other managers to condone to this illegal and disrespectful action was most unfortunate as it could be them as well at the end of the brute cane of the MD who must satisfy whims and caprices of his bosses if he wants to occupy his new found Seat for long, the source hinted.

The workers are also irritated over the alleged unholy alliance with the Corporate Affairs Manager of the bank, Shola Safo Dodoo and the head of legal department. Shola, described as a lady who likes to ride in chariots of power, was said to have ostensibly worked her way into the friendship of the MD as a means to attain her own clout of power.

The inside source say there is an alleged grand scheme by the MD and Shola to get rid off some managers perceived to be stumbling blocks in their two-people master plan to establish their own hegemony in the bank. Mr Mensah's and the Human Resource Manager, Mrs Lorain Lokko's dismissal are merely the curtain raiser in their plot. Indeed under the guise of the abominable "termination without reason" it was alleged that a lot of the employees have been penciled to go to avoid paying any compensation but management is advised to revise their legal notes else they will laugh at the wrong side of their mouths.

The source questioned whether it was the same MD on Thank God It’s Friday on Metro TV touting his achievements and professing a record of good relationship with employees? Or he was just pretending?

Players in the financial sector are wondering whether this was why the bank has been headed by expatriates and other Africans in recent years because a Ghanaian CEO could jeopardize its operations in the country.

Mr Mensah's representative at the commission's hearing, Mr John Esiape has confirmed the dismissal of Mr Mensah but was hopeful that the MD and the management would do the wise thing by respecting the authority of the NLC and comply with its directives. He added that Barclays as a multinational must not set a bad example of not respecting Ghanaian institutions, as that will not be in the interest of its clients and shareholders to exhibit unacceptable conduct.

He said the dismissal was clearly contempt against the NLC, adding that firms like Barclays forget that the commission has the authority of a high court and can invoke its powers when needed. Shola Dodoo and the MD could not be reached when efforts were made to contact them.

Barclays has operated in Ghana for over 90 years and is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Barclays PLC. Last year, the bank recorded profit after tax of GH¢ 6,795 compared to GH¢ 30,678 in 2007. END


Shola Safo Addo - 0202017545

Mr John Esiape - - 0266451559

Mr C.S. Sackey (legal officer, NLC) - 021-238737/238415 Ken (Acting HR Manager, Barclays) - 0244373478

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