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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kufuor's Prisoner Owned Armed Robbery Academy-Koku

Communications Director at the Office of the President, Koku Anyidoho, says he lashed back at Dr Ekwow Spio Garbrah primarily because, the CTO Chief Executive generalized his scathing remarks against the composition of President Mills’ cabinet, when he said the President is surrounded by people who simulate devotion to him.

“...we just have to set the records straight on certain matters, he was saying some are around the President Mills because of feigned loyalty…financial considerations...and not out of competence and I’m one of those people. If he had made specific references to some people without naming me, then fine, but he generalized it and I’m one of the people around the president...where feigned loyalty means what?...those of us who sacrificed, resigned our jobs, to come and be with the man in the trenches in those days when you Spio Garbrah didn’t have confidence in him, are we the ones who are feigning the loyalty...we could have stayed in the corporate world and made money, but we infested our future in him. Are we the ones who are feigning the loyalty? Or are we the ones we are incompetent? Are we the ones who have paid for their positions? It can’t be so. Why should we be seen as the “Team B” people and who are the “Team A” people anyway,” he asked.

Speaking to PEACEFM’s Kwami Sefa Kayi on “Kokrokoo”, Mr. Anyidoho questioned the basis for Dr Spio Garbrah’s call for the immediate arrest of ex-ministers and officials in the NPP administration. According to him, President Mills cannot arbitrarily asked that people be taken into custody since there is a constitutional process of arrest and prosecution.

“If Ghanaians had voted for Spio as President, is that what he was going to do? But by this time, he would have caused the arrest of Ex-President Kufuor and imprisoned several others,” he added.

Mr. Anyidoho also dismissed any attempt at brokering peace between himself and Dr. Spio Garbrah.

“There’s no fight (between us), we just expressed our differences...even today, if you look at the report on the front page of the “Daily Graphic” regarding chaos in the NPP, then as the French will say, “c’est la vie”, such is life...even married couples fight...it doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end,” he pointed out.

Touching on comments he allegedly passed on Focus Radio; a private radio station based in the UK, that he “hates ex-President Kufuor more than any other person in the country,” Mr. Anyidoho strongly refuted that he used the word “hate”.

Rubbing more salt to the wound, he accused the former President of releasing hardened criminals under the guise of granting them official pardon.

“Yes, I don’t like him (Kufuor) because of certain things he did...it came up recently that one of the guys he released has set up an armed robbery academy in Ashiaman, it’s an act of wickedness...If you want to grant amnesty, why do you grant amnesty to armed robbers?...Look at the category of people President Mills granted amnesty to,” he said.
Source: Alex Ofei

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