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Monday, October 5, 2009

“Mac Manu Wants To Kill Me” - Mr Yaw Amankwah

“I don’t blame you; it is Akufo-Addo, your master that I blame.”…. “after all you are all birds of the same feathers.” The perceived internal rumbling and infighting within the leadership of the New Patriotic Party is now appearing as though a traditional practice than a mere perception being orchestrated by their so-called opponents from the other political divide they always want us to accept.

The signs are emerging again after the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, made the revelation on a Kumasi based FM station, Fox FM that he suspected an assassination plot on his life being orchestrated by both Mr. Mac Manu, The National Chairman and Mr. Antwi, former parliamentary aspirant for Subin Constituency in the Ashanti region.

“If it was not a plot, how come Eugene Antwi knew that I was in the house of Mac Manu and joined us soon after I got there? I have given my life to them. I want Ghanaians to ask them should anything happen to me. After all, I am over 60 years and so if they kill me I don’t think I have anything to lose.”

These were the expressed words of the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Amankwa, against his boss, Mac Manu, last Thursday. The National Chair, who made a stopover in Kumasi to assess the activities of the party in the Region, was returning from the Cherepone by-election in the Northern Region, where they were thrashed by the ruling National Democratic Congress.

Narrating his ordeal, Amankwah said Mac Manu had invited him to his residence upon his arrival in Kumasi. He, further, said Eugene Antwi, who was not invited at the meeting, sneaked in with his hefty militants and pulled a gun on him.But for the swift intervention of the National Youth Organization, John Boadu, and few others, the belingering Antwi would have shot him dead.

The trembling Amankwa told the press how his woes all begun. According to him, ahead of the parliamentary primaries and flagbearership race in 2008, he had turned down an offer from his boss, Mac Manu. He said he could not accept his offer to support Mac Manu’s surrogate, Antwi, who was an aspiring parliamentary candidate in the 2008 election because he did not want to betray his conscience against the obvious winnable candidate and since then he has become their target. He maintained that the National Chairman was the brain behind the assassination plot against him.

Trading insults against each other on radio, Amankwa equated Antwi to Akufo-Addo’s violence behavior. He said he was not surprised at the arrogance and violent nature of Antwi.

Meanwhile, John Boadu, the National Youth Organizer of the party, who was present at the meeting, gave scanty explanations of the incident to the media. He said Antwi was holding a gun during the brawl but did not direct it at Amankwa. Antwi contested for the constituency parliamentary candidature and lost to Isaac Osei, who is now the current Member of Parliament for the area.

The MP is being considered by bigwits of the party including party elders and patrons as the possible compromised presidential candidate for 2012 general elections.

Source: The Crystal Clear Lens

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