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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mills is Spinless -Kofi Wayo


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...Accuses Energy Ministry Of Robbery!
Political maverick Charles Kofi Wayo has suggested that President Atta Mills is spineless! He has therefore told the President to develop some 'spine' to deal with all the errant people in his government who are exploiting the people of Ghana.

"We have to support this guy, but he got to get some spine and fight back," Mr. Kofi Wayo has said. Charles Kofi Wayo, popularly known as Chuck, the swashbuckling founder of the United Renaissance Party was speaking on Vibe FM, a radio station in Accra on Sunday evening.

In the meantime he has accused the President's energy experts of lying to the President and seeking to dupe Ghanaians through the Scan Oil deal. Scan Oil is the company that is supposed to deliver 750 000 barrels of crude oil to the Tema Oil Refinery tomorrow. According to Kofi Wayo, some Deputy Ministers in the energy sector are behind Scan Oil and that the Scan Oil deal is very exploitative off Ghanaians. He says that they are charging Ghanaians three dollars premium when he, Kofi Wayo, is prepared to charge only 5 cents on a barrel of crude and that this is thievery!

Speaking on Vibe FM, a station that gives him airtime to sound off every Sunday evening, Mr. Kofi Wayo said that President Atta Mills has brought in the same set of people who caused the NDC to lose power the first time round.

"You cannot bring in the same people who brought the government down and made NDC to lose power, you cannot bring all of them back and think they are going to correct anything. It is not gonna happen!" Wayo told President Atta Mills.Constantly repeating his over-used mantra that Ghanaians are suffering, he said that Ghanaians were also ignorant.

"You are suffering because of ignorance. For lack of knowledge my people perish. You see Ghanaians, the tragedy of our system is every big man just comes for themselves," he said. He said that he has known President Atta Mills since 1994, so when the latter approached him he decided to give him a chance because he is a good man, who has proven that he is a pious guy. This is because Atta Mills has cut down the size of his motorcade and renounced his per diem. Shortly he said, "We have to support this guy, but he got to get the spine and fight back. What the so-called energy guys are telling the President is nothing but lies, lies, lies, okay? As I'm talking to you now an incident is going on which the energy people are involved in, okay? They put in the paper that Scan Oil is gonna bring a billion barrels.

Who are involved? Ghanaians, we gonna bring the names out later but we gotta talk to the President first! The Deputy Ministers are bringing their families in, to charge Ghanaians almost three dollars per premium when I am giving you five cents per premium!" Wayo charged!

He railed at the Ministers in the Mills Administration for traveling too often. "The people are suffering. Why are the ministers traveling so much, you were elected and given a job to work in Ghana. Why are the ministers traveling so much? They are going there to revive their old connections, to rob the people the same way they've been doing and we would not sit down, the foot soldiers would not sit down!" he said.

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