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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NDC & Police Plotting To "Kill" NPP Youth Wing

A group calling itself the Patriotic Youth Forces of the NPP says there is a deliberate ploy by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the police to “kill” the NPP Youth Wing.

Below is the full statement issued by the group.





On the 26th of December 2008, the Youth Wing of the NPP organized a training workshop for its polling agents drawn from the various universities and tertiary institutions across the country on the University of Ghana campus.

Thugs of the National Democratic Congress invaded the meeting on motorbikes, unlicensed vehicles and a taxi to cause havoc, vandalized cars, stole lap tops and other documents and inflicted wounds and pains on some of our people.

Three of these thugs were arrested and handed over to the police.

In a bizarre twist, the victims of this barbaric attack have become the persecuted, the police through a letter addressed to the General Secretary of the party, is requesting the party to produce Mr. John Boadu, Mr. Pius Enam and Mr. Larry Awal to them. These three men are rather being investigated for assault and are to be processed for court.

This is ironical, a clear case of political arm twisting. This is a ploy by the NDC to “kill” the NPP by targeting its most essential organ, the Youth Wing.

Isn’t it insightful that the police are inviting Mr. John Boadu, current National Youth Organizer and Mr. Pius Enam, in-coming National Youth Organizer? These two gentlemen have complimented each other beautifully over the years and it is pretty clear that Pius Enam would take over from John Boadu in December.

If the NDC thinks that they can perforate our courage and break our resolve by targeting and victimizing our leaders, then they have failed. Both John and Pius are courageous people and no amount of victimizing would be enough to cow them. They would not be intimidated by this political machination from the NDC.

We stand by our leaders and we shall do everything within our means as law abiding citizens to protect them. We shall defend the interest of our party even at the peril of our lives.

We ask the following pertinent questions:

1. Is it not true that Mr. Elliot and Mr. George (Two of the thugs) have been invited several times to the NDC headquarters to discuss how they can be used to “manage and control those boys” (John and Pius)?

2. Is it not true that political power is being mounted on the police to tow a certain line?

3. Hasn’t Mr. Kofi Wayo been seen in the company of these thugs in the Castle, the Interior Ministry and other places?

4. Are the police not aware that Mr. Clend Sowu was seen in the company of these thugs on the 26th of December, 2008 on the campuses of Legon and was, in fact arguing with the police officers to whom these thugs were handed over?

5. What has become of the report lodged at the Legon Police Station by Mr. Evans Nimako, another leader of the Youth Wing?

We advise the Police to exhibit outmost professionalism in this matter. We call the bluff of the “political hand” behind this matter.

We refuse to be intimidated by the NDC or any institution of state they may use to intimidate us. Our resolve and conviction is further strengthened by these people to fight on. They are true soldiers of democracy and we shall forever stand by them.

We advice the NDC to begin to focus on the serious business of governance. Political arm twisting and victimizing will take this country nowhere.

Signed: Davis Opoku Harold Boateng
(0244861593) (0244955898)

Source: Patriotic Youth Forces of NPP

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