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Thursday, December 10, 2009

"90% Of NDC MPs Are Not Happy"

Teye Nyaunu
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No-nonsense Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu, has accused President Atta Mills of exhibiting gross disrespect towards NDC MPs.

The NDC MP claimed that some NDC members of parliament have refused to contribute to discussions in parliament because they are unhappy with the presidency.

Speaking to Citi FM last week, the NDC MP, who has gained notoriety for holding the Mills administration in check, claimed that close to ninety percent of NDC Members of Parliament are disappointed in the Mills’ administration because of the disrespectful attitude of the president towards them. “Let me tell you, 90% of NDC MPs are not happy.

Some are not talking because ministerial appointments are being dangled over people’s moustaches so that when you say that you are not happy, you will quickly be branded “anti” and therefore you would not be considered”, he fumed. Hon. Nyaunu, who stirred controversy during the run-up to the 2008 election when he suggested that the then candidate Mills was unfit to run for presidency because of his poor health status told Citi FM that he would continue to attack President Mills and his administration until they begin to take NDC MPs serious.

This is the second time since the NDC assumed office that the Lower MP for Manya Krobo has lambasted his government for non-performance. It will be recalled that recently the NDC MP questioned the ability of the President Mills government to implement policies outlined in the 2010 budget. “Don’t you see the mood of the NDC members of Parliament? A lot of them who can talk are not talking; they just sit down and fold their arms because they are not happy”. The Lower Manya MP disclosed that he had to resort to speaking publicly because he had severally been denied access to the President for inexplicable reasons. “I listed to Hon. Ayariga who says the President is very assessable.

I want Hon. Ayariga to know that I have been to the castle and seen the Chief of Staff. He gave me this number and asked me to call. I called and called… they will pick and give me excuses and then I got frustrated and went back; likely other members of parliament. Some of our leaders have been there and couldn’t get access to the president. Hon. Nyaunu therefore advised the Mills administration to set up a committee that will liaise between the executive, a legislature and the party machinery to ensure a smooth flow of information between the three bodies.

Source: The Independent

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