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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mills warned of uprising precursor

Mr Herbert Mensah advises leaders against being self-centred
Mr Herbert Mensah advises leaders against being self-centred

Mr. Herbert Mensah, a businessman and football administrator, has cautioned the Mills administration to be mindful of the way ordinary Ghanaians are treated, since the success and survival of the government depended on them.

“If the average man on the street cannot make it, cannot pay his fees, take care of his medical bills, look after his welfare; one day he will rise up against the people who think they have power and this is what some of us want to prevent.”

In an interview with Luv News, Mr Mensah, however, appealed to Ghanaians to exercise restraint to enable the new administration find its feet, and hoped things would be better in the coming years.

“We should not be disturbed, maybe it is the first year; next year we will see a change in gearing, in a different philosophy.”

He urged President John Evans Atta Mills to involve the youth in decision making so that they can contribute effectively to national development.

The former CEO of Kumasi Asante Kotoko Football Club noted that for the government to be successful in its development programmes, the youth must be given the needed attention.

Mr Mensah blamed the high unemployment rate on the African continent on selfish ideas pursued by most African leaders, adding, most past African leaders have used their influence to benefit themselves causing hardship among the citizenry.

“The youth represent the most important part of Ghana, 70% of the population is under 30; the average age of our rulers is mid 60s going upwards. They are disconnected from the people. I think the people should keep hope; people should not react because the politicians have disappointed them. People should not react because people about 50 and 60 are not thinking about their future.

"People should understand that their reactions should be based on something objective and creative to take us forward.” He told Luv FM’s Elton John Brobbey.

Herbert Mensah also cautioned President Mills to do away with ethnicity, if he wants to be a successful leader.

“The reaction against the system should be as Ghanaians, not based on ethnic lines. I have lived and worked since 1983 in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Angola, and I have seen them all disintegrate because politicians do not look after, do not care for the man on the street and the working classes, which is why I advocate for the philosophy of social democracy. Where it is the capitalist, our harnesses are checked and the capital flows can be dispersed and distributed to the have nots.”

Story by Isaac Essel/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana

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