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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anyidoho: "Minority Is Nonsensical, Irresponsible And Whimsical"

Communications Director at the Office of the President, Koku Anyidoho.
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The political ruckus generated by ace economist and one-time NPP Presidential aspirant, Kwame Pianim’s remarks regarding the incorruptibility of His Excellency JEA Mills, seems unlikely to end any moment now; not with the Communications Director at the Office of the President, Koku Anyidoho, launching a rather blistering and acerbic attack on the personality and integrity of the leadership of the Minority in Parliament describing them as hogwash, irresponsible and whimsical.

Mr. Kwame Pianim, supposedly a leading member of the NPP who has moved out and come back into the party at will, is reported to have stated that Ghana is fortunate to have Prof. Mills as president because he will not steal from the people, stating emphatically that he can stick his neck out that the tax law professor would never stoop so low to accept bribes, a development which constitutes stealing.

“To me, if you go to any country where there is corruption, the head of state is corrupt. If he is not corrupt, it won’t happen…and fortunately for Ghana now, we have a president that at least I will put my hand in the fire for that he will not steal from the people.

“I have seen him on two occasions give envelopes back and I didn’t see it happen under John the first or John the second, but at least now, we are progressing and we have a president who I think will not steal from the people. How is he going to make sure that the people below him will also not do that – that is the question?” Mr. Pianim added.

But, the Minority Chief Whip, Hon Frederick Opare Ansah believes Mr. Pianim cannot be allowed to go scot-free without further probe into the issue. He is therefore requesting that the NPP bigwig be immediately arrested to justify his claims and possibly prosecuted for looking on unconcerned when a crime was played out before him.

Hon Opare Ansah is also of the view that impeachment proceedings could be initiated against the President in line with article 69 (1) of the 1992 Constitution if it is established that, indeed President Mills merely rejected the bribe offer but failed to report the people who attempted to bribe him to the Police for prosecution.

It is this position and call by the Minority Chief Whip that seemed to have incensed Mr. Koku Anyidoho, causing him to spew forth a barrage of vitriolic attacks on Hon Opare Ansah and his other colleagues on the Minority’s side on Citifm.

Mr. Anyidoho out-burst knew no bounds as he even let loose a veiled attack on the professionalism of the Accra-based radio station, Citifm.

“If somebody alleges that Prez Mills has committed murder, I’ll expect that Citifm will be more responsible enough and do the right…get the facts before they allow people to come on-air and come and speak in a whimsical, bellicose and a capricious manner…,” he flared up.

“All I’m reacting to Shamima, is that Opare Ansah cannot speak in a whimsical, bellicose and capricious manner…I’m telling you that Mr. Kwame Pianim has spoken, go back to him and let him give us the facts and details….All I’m saying is that Opare Ansah, (Minority Leader) Kyei Mensah and his lot cannot act irresponsibly. Our Parliament House is an Honourable House, it’s an august House and we didn’t vote for people into Parliament House to go and act in an irresponsible, bellicose and capricious manner…,” he said.

Not even the remonstrations by Shamima Moslem, Moderator of the programme could stop the freewheeling combative Koku, as he even had a shouting match with her, and at one point overtly threatened the budding journalist.

“Shamima,…don’t push me down a certain line because I will ask you a certain question and you’ll not be able to answer. Please, don’t push me down a certain line…,” Koku said.

“You’re not threatening me on-air, are you?” Shamima asked.

Surprisingly Mr. Anyidoho responded; “Yes, if you push me down a certain line, I’ll ask you a question you will not be able to answer. Let’s just forget it and let’s just stop it here. Let not Honourable Members of Parliament act in a whimsical, bellicose and capricious manner,” he stated.

However, the hard-nosed moderator was not about to let the President’s Communication Director off that easily as she called on Koku to react to the call by the Minority that Mr. Pianim should be immediately arrested to justify his claims.

“That is a business in the NPP Family…I’ll not respond to that issue. If monkeys are having a funeral on top of a tree, what do I, a rat on the ground have to do with that funeral…? All I’m saying is that Opare Ansah and co….will not be allowed to speak in a bellicose and capricious manner,” he vowed.

His sulfurous denunciation unabatedly continued.

“I state categorically that irresponsible people like him (Hon. Opare Ansah) will not lead the President down an irresponsible path.

"The fact that people like Opare Ansah have gone and sat down and are making this irresponsible statement does not mean that President Mills, having had the mandate of 23 to 24 million Ghanaians to build a better Ghana will not respond to this level of irresponsibility. And am saying that with people like Osei Kyei Mensah and Opare Ansah in parliament, we have a question to answer and President Mills will hear but will not pay attention to the bellicose, whimsical and capricious irresponsibility of Opare Ansah and his lots,” He said.

"Rebuttal By Minority"

Minority Leader, Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu has been described by the President's Communications Director as hogwash, irresponsible and whimsical.
However, speaking on the same platform, the Minority Chief Whip, Hon. Opare Ansah stressed that Mr. Anyidoho “cannot constrict the voice of the Minority”, adding that Mr. Pianim also needs to substantiate his claims of President Mills’ incorruptibility.

“He cannot constrict the voice of the Minority…Mr. Pianim is enjoined by the laws of the land to go by a certain direction…The question is if it did happen, what is the President doing about it…we should not make it an issue of an NPP internal matter…If indeed people attempted bribing the President, and the fact remains that they broke the law, we want to see the president of Ghana being touted around the world as incorruptible...go the full length and expose the people who tried to corrupt him,” he stated.
Source: Alex Ofei/Kwadwo Asante/peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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