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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ayariga slams rawlings & co!…says president is baffled about their agenda!

Mr. Mahama Ayariga, the Spokesperson to President John Evans Atta Mills has said that the Presidency is baffled and intrigued about the exact nature of the agenda of former President Jerry John Rawlings and the avalanche of governmental critics coming out of government, because they cannot understand their agenda.

He has said that former President Rawlings and some of the people who have been on the President's neck in recent days have better ways of handling their grievances.

“What baffles the presidency most is the fact that, some of the accusers are cabinet members...I can tell you of people who have spoken out openly, and yet the same people attend cabinet meetings, which is really the platform where if there are policy disagreements, they should be expressed...I also know people who have access to the President, they cannot say when they are coming to the president anybody in this country will restrain them...and yet in spite of that access, they choose to use other platforms.

We should be asking them, exactly what is your agenda? Why do you choose this other platform when everybody knows that indeed you have the proper platform?” Mr. Ayariga said.

The President's Spokesperson was speaking on Peace FM in Accra on Thursday to the host of Kokrookoo, Mr. Kwami Sefa Kayi.

Asked by the host whether the President was distracted by all the criticism heaped on him by leading members of his own party, Ayariga however said that he was not distracted, just wondering why this was happening.

“They are not matters that will distract the President, when he hears those criticisms, he takes on board those that he thinks have some basis, and he corrects the mistakes where they are. In fact he always says that, the person who is charting a path often doesn't realize that he is veering off it or it is going crooked. It is those who are standing behind and watching who are sometimes able to tell you, that the path is getting crooked...If you are a listening government as the president is, you will listen, you will take corrective measures and then you will move forward in the right direction,” Ayariga said.

Asked whether the President was worried, Ayariga said that what is a source of worry is when those who are involved in charting that path do not use the appropriate fora for expressing their disagreements and concerns.

He was critical of those who have been using the media to fight the President.

“Using the media as an outlet, is where some people get worried, and that is where sometimes the President might get worried. Not that he is worried about the fact that they come out in the open, but he will naturally be worried when certain individuals put them out in the open. He, not just the ex-president (Rawlings), but every other leading party member who has access to the president, can express his concern to the president at the appropriate forum. The channel remains open, maybe we should ask them exactly what their agenda is, exactly what they seek to achieve by the way they go about expressing those grievances; maybe we should be asking why it is so, because the channel remains open,” Ayariga lamented.

Source: The Daily Searchlight

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