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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quashigah’s Statement Childish!

The Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South, Hon. Nana Akomea and the General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party, Mr. Ivor Greenstreet yesterday gave the newly elected Propaganda Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Richard Quashigah, a baptism of fire for his comments that the detractors of the ruling party were responsible for the earthquake scare.
Mr. Ivor Greenstreet described the comments on Citifm, a private radio as nonsense whilst Nana in an interview with this paper said it was childish and an insult on the intelligence of the thousands of people who were suffered. “It is evening and people are driving home and stack in traffic and you call me and ask me this nonsense”, Mr. Greenstreet told Shamima Muslim, host of Citi eyewitness news.

According to Nana Akomea “this business about the NPP been the caused of the earthquake is the most childish statement I have ever heard the whole of this year. Now I understand it was been promoted by the new Propaganda Secretary, if this is the style of Quashigah then he is going make the NDC more laughable.

He continued that is an insult to be a Ghanaian saying that there is a ‘scare that has deprived thousands of people of sleep and the only response government can give is that this is the work of the opposition, is an insult to the thousand of people who have suffered if this is the most intelligent response that the government can give’.

Nana Akomea wondered why Mr. Richard Quashigah could make such conclusions and say that the opposition party did so to take news away from the congress.

“So you ask yourself, what was the good news about the NDC Congress, you went to congress and elected your people, what is good about this, the good thing about this is that you did not fight among yourself and that is all”, he stated. “And what it means is that the NDC was so afraid that they were going to turn against themselves but when it did not happen they thought this was great news that a whole political party like the NPP would try and dumping that news…it is so childish”.

“The news is that they didn’t beat themselves up and that is the congratulations they need and they think that it is such an achievement and a party like the NPP is going to try and take that achievement, no way”.

Mr. Greenstreet on the other hand said he does not see any success in the congress to warrant any great that will cause a propaganda secretary to come out with his own effusions and draw the attention of the media when there are things of importance to talk about.

“I can’t advise the NDC, am not a member of the party and if you hold a congress where there would be no violence then they have no business being in government”, Mr. Greenstreet lamented.

Turning his anger unto the so-called man of God who claims he had a vision about the said scare, Nana Akomea said “I also heard there is pastor who also said he saw this in a vision and you listen to the name of that pastor, this are the people who give the church a very bad name and this are the very people who would go and do all sorts of things to woo men into churches and so on, it is a shame”.

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