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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mills, ECG cannot guarantee uniterrupted power for World Cup
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Football fans in Ghana will have to search for alternative power for their television sets ahead of the World Cup because the nation’s power suppliers cannot guarantee an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Residents have endured a rather painful erratic power supply and hope to get a windfall during the frenzy world cup season.

But neither the President, John Evans Atta Mills, nor the Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Cephas Gapko, can guarantee a constant power supply.

John Mills told the BBC in an interview “I am praying that the outages will be cut to a minimum,” but cannot guarantee that because he suspects there will be a huge strain on the supply chain because a lot of people will be watching the World Cup.

“I cannot say there will be no outages but we are working very hard at it and we will make sure we give people what they want,” he said.

In an interview with Joy News’ Araba Koomson, Mr. Cephas Gakpo said electricity supply cannot be full proof anywhere in the world.

“No utility company anywhere in the world has ever said there will be uninterrupted electricity as far as I know; what we can promise is that ECG will do it very best with minimum interference from the network."

On the measures the ECG is making towards minimizing power supplies, Mr Gakpo said all planned maintenance has been halted for the period of the World Cup

Trees and all vegetation close to electricity networks have been pruned to ensure that they do not break onto electricity poles which could cause power cuts.

There would be stand-by vehicles around to quickly restore power any time it goes down, he explained.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana

Uninterrrupted Supply of Electricity
It is better to tell the truth to the good people of Ghana rather than to lie. Where in this world have you been where electricity is interrupted.Trains are electrically controlled,factories, hospitals,offices and many more are runned using electricity. You will be sued if well advanced notice is not given before lights go off.
It's a fact that no utility can gurantee uniterruptible power supply anywhere. What they can do is to minimise any such interruptions by a rapid response team around the clock.
There's nothing wrong with these statements from the President and the MD.
We do have some power interruptions here in the UK. The last one was a power outage at BrentCross shopping centre in the heart of London. It lasted well over three hours and there was no commercial activity.
Outgaes are either determinate or random. Many things could go wrong right from Generation, Transmission and distribution of electricity. I, however, wish you all good World Cup
what a shame
Am so sad to hear my president making this unfortunate comment after he has defended the price hikes. already we are having power outages dont you know that this will give them the nerves to do it the more. president indeed.
Nana Akufo Addo was right when he warned Ghanaians that if we brought NDC back to power, we would regret. Now here we are in unexpected regret. I am amazed at our dear President's statement. But I am not surprised at the ECG man's coz these people have been quack since Adam was a boy. We need more private electricity companies in Ghana to destroy the monopoly of ECG.
Slow Indeed
How many TVs can bring down Akosombo? 20million? Oh Ghana we are dead oooo.
To Joe Ansah
You are always quick to compare Ghana to Europe and America when it suits you. Where are the strategic generators bought by NPP and for that matter Werko Brobbey?If those monies had been put to propper use, we wouldnt be where we are now. The situation will just be like the places you have cited.In countries where presidents award themselves with gold dog chains that is what happens.
To Kwasi
Kwasi read the text again . It appears your understanding of the English language is suspect. He did not say that there is no uninturrupted electricity service. he said no provider can promise uninterruption. these are TWO diff. situations.
Speak the truth - Sir!
No utility company anywhere in the world has ever said there will be uninterrupted electricity as far as I know; - Sir are you sure? In the UK - Birmingham, Harborne, we haven't had any interruption with ELECTRICITY at least for the last 10 years.
The comments of our dear president, is very poor..to think that he answered a question on the increase of utility bills in Ghana and they cannot keep electricity running for just 5weeks.
Is the president for the people or for the management of companies.He should be fighting on behalf of Ghanaians.Demanding 110% customer satisfaction instead of requesting it.
why why oh why Mr President.I am very disapointed.
ECG boss and Mr President, why cant we have that???
The issue of no one being able to provide a full proof electrical/power system is laughable.
The point is, in certain coutries, people do not even know about power outages, so there is no point promising there will be no disruptions. People stretch their hands to the wall to switch on the light with the mind that there will be light. The presidents argment that there will be a lot of pressure is also neither here nor there, there are countries whose population is way higher than Ghana but they enjoy uninterrupted power supply.
But in Ghana when you stretch your hand its to check whether there is light.
ECG boss and Mr President, why cant we have that

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