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Monday, June 14, 2010

NDC losing hold on Northern Volta, secretary warns party

The Volta Regional Propaganda Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Nicholas Fato, has observed that all was not well with the party in the region, and that the earlier steps were taken to deal with the negative developments that were gradually making the party unpopular in the region, the better it would be for them.

Mr. Fato said the continuous neglect of people who defected from the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) to actively support the NDC to win during the 2008 general elections, would affect the party in future elections, as those defectors now see the party as an ungrateful one.

The Regional Propaganda Secretary, who was briefing the media in Ho about the negative developments going on in the party, also drew the government's attention to the need to create a separate region for the northern part of the Volta Region.

According to him, former President Rawlings, whilst in office, assured the people in the northern part of the region that if they voted for Prof. Atta Mills a new region would be created for them, but unfortunately, the party lost the 2000 elections.
He noted that when President Kufuor came in, he started creating new districts for the northern part of the region.
Mr. Fato stressed that the 20 percent votes that the NPP had during the last election were mostly from the northern part of the region, because the party promised to create a separate region for them if they won the 2008 elections.
He warned that if the NDC did not do anything, and NPP won power in future, they could create the region for the people, and completely take over the place from the NDC.
He said the latest statement by the Chairman of the Council of State, Prof. Kofi Awonoor, that there was no need to create a new region in Voila Region was not the best, and would also not serve the best interests of the ruling party.

The Volta NDC Propaganda Secretary also noted that all the vehicles the party used during the 2008 campaign had broken down, and that the Regional Secretariat at the moment, does not have a single vehicle for party activities.

Mr. Fato also pointed out that attacks on the government appointees in the region bad never happened before, and that the concerns of the agitators - “foot soldiers" - should not be overlooked because they were the same people who helped the party to win the elections.

Source: The Ghanaian Chronicle

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