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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Debates between NPP& NDC are useless - Tony Aidoo

By Samuel Osei/Citifmonline.com | Wed 25th August, 2010 13:44 GMT
The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has called for a more useful and intelligent debate between the ruling NDC and the main opposition New Patriotic Party.
Dr. Aidoo told Citi FM that the two rival parties get Ghanaians confused with their seemingly inconsistent on air debates which are mostly aimed at scoring political points.
This, the former Sociology lecturer says does no good to the Ghanaian electorate.
Dr. Tony Aidoo was responding to calls from the opposition for President Mills to dismiss his special aide Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, for wrongly pre-empting the President’s opinion on Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s comments on the judiciary.
The NDC Chairman had warned the Chief Justice that the NDC government was going to purge the judiciary should she fail to clean up the rot in the country’s third arm of government; a comment Nii Lantey told Citi FM President Mills was fully in support of.
However when President Mills returned from his holiday abroad on Monday, August 23, he contradicted Nii Lantey by saying that he had no intentions of interfering with the work of the judiciary.
Some members of the NPP, including its General Secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afiriyie have since called for Nii Lantey’s dismissal arguing that he misrepresented the first gentleman of the land.
Dr Tony Aidoo, reacting on the Citi Breakfast show on Wednesday, however felt the opposition’s call was unnecessary.
“Nii Lantey is definitely not the official spokesperson of the President and therefore if he steps out of line, the president will bring him back, but is it such an offence as to justify an outright dismissal? It looks like the NPP wants the house of the NDC to constantly be on fire for reasons which are very difficult to tell.”
The two parties have in recent times been involved in back and forth on air arguments on the NDC chairman’s comments on the judiciary.
While some members of the NDC, including some of its legal team members support Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s warning, others like Deputy Eastern Regionl Minister, Baba Jamal agrees with the President that the independence of the judiciary must not be compromised.
The NPP, observing from their opposition bench, says the ruling party is a confused one and must therefore be voted out of power come 2012.
Dr.  Tony Aidoo, however thinks it’s time for a more intelligent debate between the two parties.
“I don’t see any useful intellectual debates on these issues…the political debate that goes on between the NPP and the NDC is a useless exercise. We end up confusing the electorate because there is no candor, there is no truth. Every little point we cease upon it to make political capital.
“In the end one begins to question even the value of multi party politics. Political parties and the relationship between them and the competition for power must all be seen to be instrumental vehicles by which the people of the country ought to get to a certain point in their lives. Unfortunately, the type of multi party system that is currently operating constitutes a dilemma for the people.” He bemoaned.

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