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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NDC vows to clean judiciary if Chief Justice fails to act

By Citifmonline.com | Wed 18th August, 2010 11:00 GMT
Chief Justice, Georgina Woode
The National Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, has served notice that the executive arm of government could intervene and save the image of the Judiciary if the Chief Justice does not act quickly to correct growing public criticisms that the Judiciary has increasingly become politically bias.

He said some judges are fast losing credibility and has therefore asked the Chief Justice, Justice Georgina Woode, to intercede and reverse the trend.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, told Citi News on Tuesday August 17, that government could be compelled to intervene and save the image of the judiciary from sinking further, if the Chief Justice fails to fight what he sees as growing rot within the judiciary.

He was speaking to Citi News Reporter, Richard Sky, soon after addressing a major News conference in Accra to express outrage at recent court rulings which have all gone against the state.

‘‘People in the judiciary can make a very good case look very bad. If the judiciary is bias, if the judiciary has made its mind in one direction, not even Jesus Christ who appointed as the Attorney General can change things. We will clean it if they don’t take steps to clean it. We will clean it and let everybody everywhere blame us for interfering in the judiciary and we will take them on.
Asked how the cleaning would be done, he responded “That one at the right time, you will see how we clean it. There are many ways to kill a cat’’ he said.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei,  asked members of the NDC who are outraged by recent court rulings against the state to redirect their anger at the Judiciary, instead of continuing to attack the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

He disagreed strongly with critics who say the Attorney General is losing criminal cases it had initiated against former State officials who served under John Kufour because the cases are ‘bad in nature.’

‘‘‘Our party members are angry but we take the leadership decisions and they listen to us. We tell them that they should be patient and leave the A-G alone and they will do just that. Laymen are different from lawyers so from their perception it is because the cases are being lost, they put the blame at the Attorney General’’ he said.

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