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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Statement: Agona Youth want "Mills' chairman" arrested

The rank and file of the Agona Youth Confederacy (AYC) would like to express in no uncertain terms its disappointment at the unsavory, unguarded and irresponsible utterances by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) chairman, Dr Kwabena Adjei: "we are going to clean the Judiciary" and "there are so many ways to kill a cat."

These comments are very serious and should not be treated softly or taken for granted, because we have had a bad precedent before: during the (P)NDC era where four Honorable Judges were killed by members of the (P)NDC for exercising their constitutional duties. And now the constitutional administration of the same callous and heinous fraternity which is now called the National Democratic Congress has public threaten the Judiciary in a sovereign state.

We sense danger, the lives of our Judges are in jeopardy, considering the abysmal record of the (P) NDC in respect of handling of court rulings-an example is the Martyrs of The Rule of Law, and also how the founder of the (P) NDC, J J Rawlings mal-handled certain Supreme Court Judges at his then residence in the castle. Further, the NDC founder has said on many rostrums that he does not believe in democracy. And anyone who does not believe in democracy may resort to degree, thereby creating anarchy, which could possibly make Ghana a "banana republic."

But we want to assure the NDC that the events of the 80’s and early 90’s respectively, would not be countenance in the 21st century. The NDC, especially its national chairman should be held responsible if anything happens to our Honorable Judges.

We would further appeal to the Security Agencies to invite Dr Kwabena Adjei and put him on notice, for if anything abysmal happens to the members of the bench he would be held responsible. We are ready and bent on dying for the rule of law in our dear nation. The NDC Chairman’s conduct is beyond "causing panic and fear", rather subversion of the Judiciary.

Dr Kwabena Adjei’s effrontery and Machiavellian intelligence has given an ample indication and depiction that titles do not honour men but men honour titles. He is a big disgrace to the Rule of Law and the Sovereignty of our dear nation.

God bless Ghana and the Rule of Law



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