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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Botswana deports 13 000 Zimbabweans

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Published: July 27, 2009

ZIMBABWE – PLUMTREE – The Botswana government has between April and June this year deported over 13 000 Zimbabweans from that country, The Zimbabwe Telegraph reports.

The acting Regional Immigration Officer, Plumtree, Mr Hebet Mudzvova said relations with the Tswana were “fairly deplorable”.

“There are reports of these people using the military to control queues at their side of the border. Some Zimbabwean who are deported are telling us horrific stories of their treatment at the hands of that country’s law enforcement agents. They speak of people being beaten up with sjamboks which is against International Human Rights,” said Mr Mudzvova.

He said deportations are massive with two days this month having been an exception with nine trucks bringing in deportees on a single day.

He said on the average four trucks a day bring in deportees and noted that the deportations increase when there is a public holiday in Botswana.

On 18 July nine trucks, seven from Gaborone and two from Selibe Pikwe while nine came in on 20 July all from Gaborone all brought in deportees.

Mr Mudzvova could not be drawn to say how many people were deported on the two days.

According to statistics made available by Immigration authorities a total of 6 463 people were deported in April with 4 228 males, 1 999 women and 236 children.

In May the figure went down to 3 128 and of this total 87 were children.

In June 3 707 people were deported, 2 390 being male, 1 159 female and 97 children.

After going through Immigration formalities the deportees are referred to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which then screens the deportees before giving them assistance to travel back to the districts of origin.

Source: The Zimbabwe Telegraph

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