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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

‘Raped Man’ Wears Pampers

Aliu Wahab Samari
The alleged confessions of Francis Agboletey, a 21-year-old resident of Ashaiman, has put a political activist in the bizarre position of parrying accusations of homosexuality, which seems to be emanating from all angles.

After being admitted to the Tema General Hospital for a leaky anus, Francis purportedly confessed to being the sexual conquest of one Aliu Wahab Samari; and as a result he wears pampers constantly to support his spongy anus.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that another young man had accused Aliu Samari of trying to rape him at knife point.

Faced with a mounting tide of accusations and criticisms, Samari, who said he was nursing an ambition of becoming the area’s Member of Parliament (MP) on the ticket of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), or possible President of Ghana, remarked that people were telling all manner of lies about him because he was young and successful.

He stressed that he might be compelled to go to court if the vilification continued.

According to the aunt of Francis, her nephew who was supposed to be living with a woman in Tema as a house-boy had left his employer’s residence for Aliu Samari’s place.

The woman, who declined to mention her name to DAILY GUIDE, said relatives of the alleged victim did not know that he had left Tema for Ashaiman where he lived with the suspected homosexual until he was admitted to the Tema General Hospital for chronic diarrhoea.

She noted that Francis, who had lived with her at Ashaiman before taking the job at Tema, had always been a good boy and never showed any signs of indulging in homosexual activities, stressing that his confession was indeed a big surprise to them.

As to how she got to know about the whole incident, the auntie noted that she was at home one day when a female relative visited and informed her of the victim’s condition at the hospital.

“I later visited him in the company of my son, and he told us about his sexual relationship with Samari. He complained that he finds it hard to live without defecating on himself and has therefore resorted to the use of pampers.”

She averred that Samari had also been accused of trying to lure other boys in the area into having sex with him.

The woman intimated that when her son confronted Samari, he denied the accusation. The accused was reported to have taken offence at the manner in which he was questioned about the incident and “even attacked a lady who tried to prevent him from fighting my son”.

According to the woman, when Francis was discharged from the hospital, he went back to spend the night with Samari who was alleged to have had sex with him again that night, this time using a condom even though the sore around his anus was still fresh.

She said when Francis visited her a few days later, he was moody and was sometimes seen talking to himself.

When contacted, Samari described the allegations as baseless and referred to Francis, the alleged victim, as ungrateful.

Telling his story, the self-acclaimed NDC activist explained that the victim called him sometime back and pleaded with him to assist him with feeding and accommodation.

“Being a politician who had always helped people in my area, I did not hesitate to help him when he called to say life was difficult for him.”

He said on the advice of a friend, he gave residence to Francis in a wooden kiosk and always treated him like a younger brother.

“I have heard people close to me say that there was a rumuor in the area that I was gay and that I had many gay partners in both Accra and Ashaiman. I never gave it any serious attention because it was common to hear or see people discuss others,” he said.

When DAILY GUIDE told him about an interview it had with a male tailor apprentice who stated that he, Aliu Samari, had tried raping him at knife point, he quickly denied that as well and said it was one of those lies about him in the area.

“The boy in question, just like other boys, had approached me for help, telling me that his boss was not taking care of him well and therefore wanted me to help him with money for food which I did later,” he said.

He said there was a rumour in town about the boy’s boss being gay, and indeed, “the boy confided in me that his boss was gay and that he had slept with him several times in spite of the fact that he was married to a lady; and he even went on to tell me that they always had sex in the early part of the morning by which time his wife was still in bed,” Aliu Samari added.

He observed that soon after his interaction with the young man, he gave him money and asked him to leave, adding that he was shocked to see the apprentice and his boss come over to his house to accuse him of trying to rape the boy at knife point.

He said the matter was reported to the police and later resolved amicably.

Meanwhile, DAILY GUIDE has sighted a medical form issued to Francis from the Ashaiman branch of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) on July 14, 2009.

A medical report issued by a doctor at the Tema General Hospital stated that the victim reported to the medical facility with chronic diarrhoea resulting from an alleged repeated anal sexual intercourse.

The report indicated that on examination, the victim appeared quite confused with signs of depression. The report requested that he be sent to a psychiatrist for evaluation and assessment of his mental status.
Source: Daily Guide/Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar, Ashiaman

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