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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Editorial: Kufuor has finally spoken

Former President Kufuor says he has no faction in the NPP
Former President Kufuor says he has no faction in the NPP
Prior to last Saturday’s special delegates conference organized by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Accra, there were allegations that factions had emerged in the party.

Former President Kufuor’s name came up as one of the party leaders promoting the factionalism in the party. During his address at the special conference, the former President used the opportunity to deny the allegation, insisting that he is a thorough bred NPP man who would never pursue such an agenda.

“I have heard people talk about ‘Kufuor faction’ or that faction in the party. I wish to state here today that I have no faction in the party. I do not also want any faction in the party.

“I have had my time and I am content with that. I am not in contention with anybody for any position in or outside the party. I wish to play my role as an elderly statesman within the party if I am so permitted”, the former President was quoted as saying.

The Chronicle commends the former President, who took the party from opposition into government in 2001, for coming out to diffuse the tension that was building up within the party’s rank and file, as a result of the perceived factionalism in the party. Prior to this public statement, The Chronicle was worried about the development because we think as the largest opposition party, the NPP has a crucial role to play in the development and sustenance of democracy in the country. Ghana is being praised all over the world because of the good democratic governance we are practicing, but one cannot talk about good democracy if the political parties are not playing the roles expected of them.

The NPP as a party which has just lost power still remains the biggest opposition party in the country, and has an important role to play in its governance. As a result, we should all be concerned about what goes on in the party.

We do not wish this to happen to the NPP, but if (God forbid) the party splits due to the factionalism, our democratic journey would be seriously affected since there would be no vibrant opposition to keep the government on its toes.

Now that Mr. Kufuor has come out to publicly deny the allegation, we hope that the issue will be put to rest. When one or two people are contesting in an election, their followers would obviously split as to who they should support, but that should not degenerate into factionalism which can ruin the fortunes of the party. Never again should we hear of Kufuor, Nana Addo or Alan factions in the NPP, that monster must be killed and buried forever.

Credit: Chronicle/Ghana

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