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Friday, August 28, 2009

'Mills not father for all'


Two heads are better than one. - By: Sir Roy Kelly, Aviano-Italy
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By William Beeko & Kelvin Adu-Twum Peprah
The Member of Parliament for Bimbila Constituency in the Northern Region, Hon. Dominic Nitiwul, has minced no words in asserting that President John Evans Atta Mills has failed to become a father for all.

“Professor Mills promised that he was going to be a father for all, as I sit today in my constituency Bimbila, for example, all non-formal motorbikes under the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) have been ceased by followers of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), who think that these non-formal motorbikes were given to New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters, and he sits at the castle and pretends as if he does not know what is going on,” stated Dominic Nitiwul.

He alleged that these NDC followers are people who should be working under the NYEP and they are not working, but are being paid.

“They are people, who should be moving from places to places and organizing classes under the NYEP, and they are not doing that but at the end of the day they are paid.”

Hon. Nitiwul was speaking in an exclusive interview with TODAY in Accra.

He alleged that the District Chief Executive (DCE) and his people have ceased sewing machines and other equipment from people perceived to be NPP members who should be using these equipment to work to eke out a living.

“They have done this, not just in Bimbila alone, but in many of the districts in the Northern Region. President Mills is very much aware of these incidents and has heard about all these reports but is silent over it,” indicated Dominic Nitiwul.

He further disclosed that these machines and equipment have been locked at Police Stations.

“Is it right to cease machines from Ghanaians? This idea and concept of always victimizing people because of their political affiliation is just uncalled for,” bemoaned Dominic Nitiwul.

“In the US you don't sack people from work because they belong to an opposition party when you win power,” the Bimbila MP stated.

“Obama is not removing people left and right from their offices or jobs because he has won power. But in Ghana, this is what the NDC is doing. It started with the mass Cocoa Spraying workers, they have sacked all of them because it was the NPP that employed them and President Mills is silent,” he told TODAY.

“They went in for the School Feeding Programme; they politicised the whole programme and sacked all the workers because they think that these workers are NPP sympathizers,” Dominic Nitiwul said.

He recounted that many of the cooks who happened to be women have been dismissed from their job positions.

“Then came the snatching of public toilet facilities and GPRTU Lorry Parks; the NDC youth ceased these things and the President kept quiet,” he expressed.

“When it comes to the NYEP, today we are being told that the NYEP is a two year programme and that after two years you have to re-apply; the obvious implication is that you will have to stay home. So I find it very strange that somebody who promised to be a father for all is sitting silent over some of these things,” observed Dominic Nitiwul.

He pointed out that NDC supporters and sympathizers are calling for the total collapse of companies like Zoomlion and Ghana Link which have employed thousands of Ghanaians.

“How can we sustain Ghana when we continue to do this?” the lawmaker queried.

“Former President Rawlings has said that no one should buy APINO Soap because Mr. Appiah Menkah is an NPP man; what kind of country are we living in,” Dominic Nitiwul decried.

“If NPP should win power in 2012, which I believe we would, I don't think we are going to victimize and collapse companies owned by NDC supporters.”

“Remember, Vice President John Mahama's brother, he started his company during the NPP. Did NPP collapse his business?” he questioned.

source: TODAY newspaper

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