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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kwesi Pratt Lashes At Rawlings For Insulting Kufuor

Ex-President Jerry Rawlings was today subjected to a barrage of verbal missiles on PEACEFM’s KOKROKOO, when his true compañero, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, ripped him apart. The crust of Mr. Pratt’s verbal assault on former President Rawlings, had to do with the alleged insult Mr. Rawlings levelled at former President Kufuor, at a recent meeting of ex-African statesmen in Berlin, Germany.

Whilst Mr. Pratt was categorical and strident in his attacks on ex-President Rawlings, Kofi Adams, the special aide to ex-President Rawlings, was equally loud and sharp in deflecting any attacks on his boss.

An incensed Pratt questioned the moral right of ex-president Rawlings to criticize Presildent Mills’ leadership style, when just under 2years of his (Rawlings’) administration in 1982; several state-owned enterprises were sold with about 300,000 workers being laid off.
His acerbic attacks seemed to reach fever pitch as he chastised Mr Rawlings for describing former President Kufuor as a “thief”. “I thought you were inviting men of integrity; I didn’t know you were inviting thieves like Kufuor,” Ex-President Rawlings is quoted as having said at the meeting in Berlin.

This seems to have infuriated Kofi Adams who sharply cut in to say that Mr. Pratt and others had “grossly misinterpreted” his boss.

Mr. Adams strongly held that Mr. Rawlings never accused ex-President Kufuor of being a “thief” but rather referred to him as “corrupt”.
He also pointed out that it was “unfair for Mr. Pratt to compare the economic situation prevailing in the 80’s to the current economic climate,” adding that “the pace at which things develop nowadays through technology is different from that of the 80s.”

Mr Kofi Adams contended that the former President had not erred in voicing out his concerns over how the country is being run.
“What the former President said is not completely different from positions held or comments made regarding Prez Mills’ governance style by some other members of the party,” he argued.
Source: John Nyaaba/peacefmonline.com

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