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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Konkomba Natives Descends On Police And The Press

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The Konkomba Yam Producers and Marketing Association has criticize the Ghana Police Service and the media for reporting that Konkomba natives in and around the Konkomba market have something to do with the reported violence last Tuesday in the area, that claimed three lives. According to them, the clash did not occur at the Konkomba Market as reported by the police and media, but rather in front of the Old Fadama Police Station.

The Public Relations Officer and Secretary of the Association, Mr Anthony Tanyam who disclosed this at a press conference said, the Konkomba Market is not a haven for criminals neither are they engaged in any negative activities. He said, all these are attempts by certain unscrupulous and irresponsible persons and groups to drag their reputation in the mud for their own selfish manipulations. He added that the link of the Konkomba Market with crime was a disservice to their reputation and business activities, adding that the Agbogbloshie area had several parts.

According to him, since the Konkombas moved into the Agbogbloshie area in 1981, none of them had ever committed even a single criminal offence which merited investigation and prosecution by the police. Mr Tanyam said, the Konkomba Market, since its establishment 28 years ago, had become the main source of food supply to the Accra Metropolis, Tema Municipality, and other major cities throughout the country as well as earning foreign exchange.

He said the Konkomba Market employed over 5,000 people from all walks of life who were busy people and did not have time to engage in criminal or violent activities which would hinder the growth and development of their businesses.

Mr Tanyam called on the media to be circumspect and to cross-check issues concerning ethnic groups at Agbogbloshie before reporting them, since such reports could inflame passions among their brothers and sisters in the three northern regions. He also called on the security agencies to find a lasting solution to the frequent clashes between members of the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party in the Agbogbloshie area. Mr Tanyam threatened that Konkombas would henceforth take legal action against people or institutions that spoke or wrote untruths about them.

He was speaking in reaction to Peace FM’s report last Friday that the Konkmbas and the Dangombas have once again clash causing two people dead and leaving several others injured. This was confirmed by the PRO of the Ghana police service, DSP Kwesi Fori.
Source: www.peacefmonline.com

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