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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mills: I will be in the race in 2012

President Mills declares he is running for president in 2012
President Mills declares he is running for president in 2012

President J.E.A. Mills has put to rest debates over whether he intends seeking another term in office by declaring he will run again.

Several concerns had been raised about his health including concerns from leading members of his party who said the President would not be able to submit himself to the rigorous campaign schedules in 2012.

But the President announced at Buipe during a sod cutting ceremony that he would be back attracting a loud applause from a section of party supporters and the entourage who accompanied him to the town.

Questions however remain as to whether President Mills would find it easy running again given the frosty relationship between him and the founder of the NDC, former president Rawlings who has raised concerns over the president's style of governance. Top party kingpins in recent times have descended heavily on the old professor for what they said was a slow implementation of some campaign promises, with others complaining his actions could cause the defeat of the NDC.

But President Mills hit back at his critics at Buipe, saying though their suggestions and criticisms were welcome; he was not going to accommodate anything short of the requirements of the Constitution of the country.

According to him, they had failed to see the giant strides he made in the country and were only interested in tongue-lashing him for their own interest, reiterating that he was the man in charge and Ghanaians were keenly watching.

He assured Ghanaians that after his first term in office, a lot of transformation would be witnessed and a good legacy would be left for the country. Soon after President Mills took over office, questions were asked as to whether he would seek a second term following his failing health.

Many leading NDC functionaries came to the conclusion that President Mills intended projecting Vice-President John Mahama and would hand over the baton to him in 2012 after his four-year mandate, to also lead to the party. This however was not meant to be as the President openly registered his readiness to go for another term after 2012.

Prior to this announcement, President Mills appeared to be losing favour with ex-President Rawlings, whose Swedru Declaration ushered the Number One Citizen into pole position as the party’s flagbearer in the run-up to the 2000 election – a position he held onto until he won power in 2008.

Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, a former presidential aspirant of the party, joined the fray, describing the ministers under the Mills Administration as ‘Team B’ players and was jabbed by President Mills’ boys for his open attack.

Alex Segbefia, a deputy Chief of Staff, had on an Accra radio station late last month dropped a hint that the 65-year-old President was the party’s best bet if the NDC would retain power in 2012.

He admitted there were various contenders for the position of flagbearer for the party, but believed the President still stood tall, saying his desire for re-election in 2012 was non-negotiable.

His disclosure was given credence when the President himself announced that he is indeed running for the presidency again come 2012 but some political pundits said he would have a big task in view of the fact that several factions have emerged within the party and uniting them would be difficult.

Source: Daily Guide

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