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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NDC Man Lashes Out at those criticising Mills

Mr. Isaac Lartey, a quantity surveyor and a staunch member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lashed out at elements in his party who he alleges are trying to subvert the administration of President Mills.

In a statement to The Insight newspaper, Mr. Lartey described internal agitations against Professor Mills as a “crazy pressure”

He did not spare former President Jerry John Rawlings when he declared “the situation got stinky when the so-called Founder of the Party all of a sudden became a foot soldier and did the unimaginable.”

Mr. Lartey claims to have driven the campaign van of the NDC in the Ablekuma North Constituency in the 2004 and 2008 elections.

His full statement is reproduced below: -
“I drove the campaign van of the NDC in the Ablekuma North constituency in the 2004 and 2008 elections and yet I have not received a penny. Why all this crazy pressure from the members of my party? How are we going to access the performance of the government when it is yet to complete its first life cycle in power. I feel very shy whenever this issue of foot soldiers is raised.

There are thousands of Ghanaians who have no affiliation to the NDC and yet they worked tirelessly to ensure that our party won power. Speak to these people about the performance of the government and all they say is that it is immature to talk about performance, how more we who claim to be the bedrock of the party.

The situation got stinky when the so-called Founder of the party all of a sudden became a foot-soldier and did the unimaginable. The President believes every Ghanaian is relevant. He has refused to behave like Kufuor who saw demon in everything NDC when he assumed office in 2001. We went on the rampage when people like Hodari Okine and other were sacked from their work post because of a perceived sympathy they had for the NDC in opposition.

Why are we forcing the President to emulate this bad example of the NPP? Mr. President you are going to get matters worse if you cede to these unreasonable demands to the party foot-soldiers. As Jesus Christ once said if his creations (human-beings) refuse to praise him, he shall make stones to that

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