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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Akuapim Sex Scandal: I’m Innocent

Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Angry looking Nana George Darko
The Tufuhene of Akropong-Akuapim, Nana Yaw Ampem Darko, known in music circles as George Darko of ‘Akoo Te Brofo’ fame, has once again declared his innocence regarding the notorious Akuapim sex scandal which rocked his traditional area late last year.

Explaining why his name was probably being associated with the pornographic film, the originator of ‘Burger’ highlife said in order to cover their tracks, the producers cleverly used his hit-track, ‘Akoo Te Brofo’ as a background song for the film.

“George Darko cannot be involved in such a shameful act because I have a reputation and a name to protect. I did not do ‘Akoo Te Brofo’ for some dirty pornography with some village girls, excuse my language. That song was a world hit you know and I don’t even know these girls,” he insisted.

The visibly-worried chief yesterday stormed the Accra offices of Western Publications Limited with close to a dozen aides- the second time in one week. Among the entourage were a midget and a messenger from the Akonnedi shrine in Larteh.

George Darko was at Western Publications not only to tell his side of the story, but to also warn of an impending calamity awaiting the rumour mongers.

All clad in red armbands and chanting war songs, Nana Darko and his team, who arrived in two vehicles around 12.05pm, lamented that even though one of the popular weekly tabloids, News-One, had interviewed him over the allegations and published his exact responses, the accompanying photographs to the story had slighted his personality.

He had earlier told News-One that the suspected producer of the film, a certain Kwame, who is currently on Police wanted list, also happened to be a royal from Akropong, and that fingers began pointing at him when reports went round that one Nana from Akropong was behind the pornographic production.

According to him, the situation was compounded by the use of his music in the film, adding that it could be a deliberate plot to destroy him because there was some bad blood between him and a section of the youth in the area over his instrumental role in banning a sex festival in the town.

“The whole thing became worse when a group of youth rebels in the area became angry at me because the Royal House had cancelled one of our festivals.

‘Odo a didi’ which had been literally turned into a free-for-all sex festival, leaves the royal square and sacred tree covered with used condoms, menstrual pads and all sorts of things considered as sacrilegious.

“I am a royal and my stool puts me directly in charge of the youth in the area so I had to enforce the decision of the State to cancel the festival, especially when it had become a sex festival. The youth then vowed to attack the Royal Palace but I called their bluff and advised that they used dialogue in addressing the issue.

“Some of them were quite angry at me and started to spread this evil talk that I am trying to stop a festival on the grounds of immorality at a time my song was being used for a sex film and that I may even have been involved and so on and so forth and before I realized the whole thing had spread”.

Contributing, the secretary to the Akropong Stool, Kwame Bekoe, revealed that the decision to cancel the said festival was triggered by the recent sex scandal in which several girls from the area stripped completely naked for a pornography production.

Reports said several teenage girls in the community become pregnant soon after the festival.

It would be recalled that about 200 nude girls, allegedly from some Akuapim towns, in July last year, posed before video and still cameras for some pornographic films and magazines, ostensibly for sale in Germany.

While some appeared to be teenagers and had sores and blisters all over, others were nursing mothers with pot bellies, some of whom posed with their babies. No one had so far been prosecuted over the scandal, even though there were reports that a couple of arrests had been made.

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